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Fences and Gates

Fences Provide Security & Beauty to Your Property

Your home is an extension of yourself. You want it to reflect your style of living and represent your family. You also want your home and family protected.

Swimming Pools

Improving the Safety Features Around Your Backyard Pool

Tweet It is wise to update the safety features that protect you and your kids from the risks that having a backyard pool poses. swimming pools • cleaners • pool

Fences and Gates

Six Ways to Use Fencing to Improve the Value of Your Home

Fencing can be decorative, increase your home’s security, provide privacy and serve a practical purpose. These six types of popular fencing range from ornamental to useful and add value to your home.

Fences and Gates

Coyotes on the Prowl: Identification and Control

Tweet They’re not a problem for most people, but in certain rural communities and suburbs, coyotes are on the prowl and may cause harm to your vegetation, small pets and