5 Types of Security Fencing To Consider

5 Types of Security Fencing To Consider
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    Whether you own a business or want to make your residential property safer, installing a fence around the perimeter of your property is an effective security measure.


However, there are several types of fences, and each type offers security to a different level. Before you can decide which type of fencing to install, it can help you to learn more about each type of fence.

Chain Link

The most cost-effective option for security fencing is chain link because it uses metal posts set in concrete to secure a chain-link wall around your property. This is also a good choice when you want a higher fence since the dimensions can be customized to fit any need. For added security, it’s not uncommon to add a roll of barbed wire or razor wire on top of the fence after it has been installed.

If you don’t like the look of a chain-link fence, you can have plastic slats slipped in vertically along the links to create a solid and more visually appealing wall.

The slats can be requested in a variety of colors, allowing you to add style to your security fence.

Additionally, the slats make it even harder for criminals to climb the fence.


If you’re concerned about people trying to climb over your fencing, a more effective option is a palisade fence. This consists of thin, steel beams that are crafted to come to a point at the top.

The beams are attached and secured by thicker posts similarly to the chain-link posts. Since the beams are positioned close to one another, it’s impossible to slip through the narrow gaps, and palisade fences are far more difficult to climb than chain link fences.

You can choose a wrought iron palisade fence for a different look. Due to the amount of steel used to create a palisade fence, you should expect this option to cost more than other types of fences.

Post and Cable

When you want the best crash rated fence, one option to consider is a post and cable fence. This type of fencing consists of wood, vinyl, or metal frames with cables woven to form an interlocking pattern within the frame. Each one of these panels is installed between two posts, and you can create a fence of any length or pattern.

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This type of fence may not be ideal for commercial sites, but it can be effective on residential properties. In particular, they provide security and safety on upper stories where individuals gather on a balcony or rooftop.

In addition to creating a barrier against intruders, a post and cable fence also guards against falls and similar accidents.

Wood Panel

While wood panel fencing is mostly used for its decorative value and the privacy it provides, it can also be effective in providing security. How the fence is designed will determine its effectiveness as a security barrier.

For example, the wood slats should be positioned closely together, although setting them flush against one another is always better. The slats should also be vertical since horizontal slats are easier to climb.


Additionally, be sure the fence reaches as close to the ground as possible to prevent anyone from slipping underneath the fence. To add height, consider putting a lattice on top of the fence.

Wire Mesh

A quick and cheap method of adding security fencing is to use wire mesh. Although this type of fencing hasn’t been considered effective as a security barrier, some home and business owners do use this type of fencing for security purposes.

It will require installing wire mesh that’s five feet tall or higher, secured by metal posts. You should also make sure the spaces in the wire mesh are too small for anyone to get a foothold. This type of fence is also easily installed, which is why it’s commonly found on farms and rural properties.

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The type of fence you choose can also provide you with different benefits, so security may not be your only concern. For instance, some fences offer more privacy in addition to security, and that may be a concern in protecting your property.

You’ll have to decide on the features that appeal to you the most as you browse security fences for your residential or commercial property.

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