A Creative Guide on How to Save Energy in Your Day to Day Activities

A Creative Guide on How to Save Energy in Your Day to Day Activities
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    There is no denying that utility bills remove a lot of fun in owning your own home.

    Well, energy bills like taxes are inevitable, but with growing concern over the impact of surging energy consumption on the environment, it is time to take proactive steps.


As a home, or property, owner it starts with embracing an energy-saving culture. Energy is used in lighting, heating and cooling, cooking, washing and with other electrical appliances such as a television.
The problem lies with the generation of this energy as it impacts negatively on the environment leading to issues such as global warming. What’s more, energy sources such as oil used today are non-renewable and you should be asking, what will happen when they are depleted?

The Story behind the Numbers

To appreciate how much energy use at home impacts on the total consumption, you need to look at statistics. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2012, the average American home used 10,837 kWh annually.

Of this, 17% was used in lighting only. Without doubt, your input comes in handy in reducing more environmental degradation by enhancing energy efficiency. This has indeed become the singular theme in most environmentally focused global forums and for good reason.

Simple Steps that Make a Great Impact

Here are some ways through which you can enhance energy efficiency at home, one minute at a time:

  • The switch off and unplug clarion call: It is the simplest yet most ignored practice in enhancing energy saving at home. Any appliances that are not in use must be switched off and fully unplugged to save energy.
  • Use natural light: Whether at home or in the office, try to use natural light by opening the curtains. In fact, natural light is more ethereal and helps enable you work better.
  • Close doors and windows: Your AC is a workhorse and in the process consumes a lot of power. If doors and windows are open it works in overdrive and this impacts energy use in your property.
  • Utilize natural sun for drying: If you are enjoying a sunny day, don’t turn on the drier. Instead, let your clothes dry in the sun as they will even benefit from natural freshness.
  • When cleaning utensils use an air-dry option or turn off the dishwasher once the dry cycle starts. You will save a lot of energy in the process.
  • Monitor energy use to the minute details: You should keenly monitor your electric bill and then check with professionals such as Texaselectricrates.com whether there are better electrical rates out there to help reduce your bill.
  • Become a maintenance buff: EPA reckons that much of the energy loss in facilities is due to faulty appliances. As such, make sure your HVAC system is in perfect condition by unclogging its filters to make it more efficient. Same goes for furnaces and other appliances that use energy.
  • In the evenings, let cool air in if it safe to do so in your neighborhood. This is more applicable during summer months.

You should also program your thermostat to keep your AC costs down as they constitute a large part of overall home energy consumption. Clearly, you have the power to make your home more energy efficient in your hands. You just need to make it a culture and future generations will thank you for it.



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