7 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Home Gym

7 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Home Gym
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    Stuck up in home quarantine for pandemic but forced to pay for gym membership anyway?

    Worried about losing your fitness streak? What if you could save money and workout simultaneously, within the confines of your home?

    Check out our best hacks and expert suggestions on designing the ideal home gym.


Going to the gym for a daily workout is not convenient if you are bogged down with changing work schedules. A good home gym can solve all your problems, especially in these pandemic days.

We have expert tips along with affordable sports equipment to spice up your home workout sessions.

1. Choose an Accessible Space

The first step to designing the ideal home gym is to know how much space you can afford to allow for exercise. Ask yourself: how much room is required for your exercises?

For sprint interval training workouts, you will require ample space and a solid surface, while you can do your squats in cramped up spaces too. Moreover, the size of your gym accessories will determine the dimensions of the home gym. Multi-station gyms can take up as much as 200 square feet while treadmills can fit comparatively smaller spaces, at about 30 square feet.

2. Stay Within Your Budget

The common mistake we often make is to buy gym accessories that burn holes in our pockets. While premium quality equipment is our shopping goals, we can buy them at half the price at auction websites and department stores.

When purchasing from any brand, check if they offer zero-interest financing. If you are buying second-hand home gym equipment, garage sales are the best for you to verify the condition and get top-notch products at a good bargain.

DIY gym gear is an amazing option if you are nifty enough with tools. Sandbags, for example, can be made using construction material and a few household items in an hour.

3. Pick Only the Essentials for Your Home Gym

Another prudent way to stay within your budget and utilizing the space to your satisfaction is to know which home gym essentials you need first. In fact, most exercises can be performed without the trendiest and highly specialized fitness accessories.

Yoga mats, adjustable dumbbells, and resistance bands will help you do Pilates, stretching, and weight lifting. Of course, if you have an advanced workout style, then you will require a befitting home gym set, but then, you can always stock up later, can’t you?

4. Mirror Does the Trick

Want a minimalist design for your workout space that will make it look spacious but running short of home gym ideas? Try putting up a mirror.

It will serve dual purposes for you- you can check your progress in the mirror as well as increase the light in the room. Our experts said that having a workout mirror in your home gym helps improve techniques and observe your postures from different angles.

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      some home gym stuff to consider      

5. Personalize to Create the Perfect Mood

Why not make the ambiance of your home gym more cheerful by customizing as you like it? Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend huge amounts on this.

You can install cool LED lights and stick motivational posters to your wall. Want to splash colors around?

Choose a palette that suits your workout style. Pastel colors will have a calming effect, and help you meditate better in yoga, while bold shades of blue and red are ideal for strenuous training.

6. Pay Attention to the Flooring

The right flooring is necessary for the perfect workout space and to protect your gym kit. Choose a home gym flooring that is durable and non-slippery, such as foam flooring or vinyl. Plywood is an eco-friendly choice while foam floor mats are good for light training.

7. Create a Plan for Daily Workout

Having a home gym workout plan will help you focus on your training despite the everyday responsibilities and distractions. Have you signed up for online gym training?

Switch on your phone and train with your friends from the comfort of your home over video calls. Accelerate your pace gradually, and set fitness goals that are realistic. Incorporate exercises that you love doing in your workout plan and you will see noticeable results.

other valuable tips:

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gym at Home? – An Approximation

While the budget will vary according to the equipment, the basics like dumbbells and adjustable benches can cost up to $500. For an all-rounder home gym with flooring and elliptical machines, the cost might be as high as $2000-3000. Recessed lights are ideal for home gyms and are priced at roughly $800.

Now you are equipped with all the hacks for the best home gym within a reasonable budget. So what are you waiting for? Turn the volume of those stereos up high and start your fitness training! Loved this article? Comment about your personalized home gym below.

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