Six Tips on Designing an Exercise Room

Six Tips on Designing an Exercise Room
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    Having your own gym has it perks. But, bad choice of equipment would lead you to bad results.

    So, great planning and great design would play a great factor in creating the over-all feel of your home exercise room.


Having your own gym has it perks. Having your own gym saves you time. With easy access to a home gym, you would no longer have to travel or wait on queue. It saves you money as you no longer need to spend too much paying for gym memberships, traveling expenses and even having to spend on expensive food and smoothies at the gym. Having your own gym is a great investment. You have privacy and you can freely do your workout without comparing results with other people

Bad choice of equipment would lead you to bad results. So, great planning and great design would play a great factor in creating the over-all feel of your home exercise room. We know that ambiance takes a factor in motivating you. Getting you motivated takes you to heights and leaps when you work out.

1. Space

A good amount of space is needed when you plan on staring you home gym. Determine if the space can accommodate the presence of equipment. A good amount of space allows you better provisioning to a wide number of equipment to start you home gym.

2. Lighting and Ventilation

Your space should have good lighting and good ventilation. Good lighting allows you to work out at any time of the day. You may prefer to let the sun in while you work out. This also adds a warm ambiance to the room. Getting mirrored walls would also do great to your lighting and also would give an illusion of bigger space.

3. Right Tools

Now that you have the space, getting the right equipment will also add to the over-all ambiance of your gym. Here are some of the best equipment you can get to start you gym:

4. Exercise mats

Exercise mats come in a variety of choices which include deluxe, classic, cotton and others. When purchasing, you will have the option of synthetic materials such as latex, PVC or other organic materials.

Since most people use exercise mats barefoot, it is imperative to pick a material that feels good when stepped on. With a comfortable exercise mat, you will be able to perform your exercises with the best posture possible.

Another consideration when buying exercise mats has to do with perspiration. Some mats that become slippery and could result in you injuring yourself. Therefore picking the right exercise mat will eliminate this problem.

5. Exercise heart rate monitor

Exercise is very important to our health, and so it should be included in everyone’s routine. Besides the doctors who help us maintain our good health, it’s us who really should know our bodies, watch our hearts and take good care of our health very well. Knowing that doctors and nurses cannot be by our side every day, there is a gadget that can help us and will serve the purpose, the exercise heart rate monitor.

Thinking of assembling an exercise room? May we offer some additional views:

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Today, more and more people are buying heart rate monitors. Surely now, they become more aware of the benefits that they can get in using it, which include increasing the safety to minimize the chance of having damage to your body, and the effectiveness of a fitness exercise or workout. Knowing that you are getting the results that you want means you are doing it the right way. Whether you just want to have a better health, lose some weight or training for a competition, exercise heart rate monitor can serve the purpose.

6. Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells would be great for space. You need not get pre-made dumbbells separately and then purchase a separate holder for you to be able to stack your dumbbells in. Adjustable dumbbells would be great for storage as you only need two. If you need to extend you weights collection, you can always get a set of cast iron weights for expansion.

You are all set! Now that you have your own home exercise room, it would be easy for you to be able to find time to work out now that everything is within your reach.



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