Sunday Morning Tip for May 24: 5 Ways to Get an Old House Ready to Be Flipped

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for May 24:</span> 5 Ways to Get an Old House Ready to Be Flipped
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    Real estate is a top pick when it comes to making a profit.

    Whether you are selling your own home, a family estate, or you have purchased a home for the sole purpose of flipping it, you have the potential to make good money.


You need to get the property in shape to make it marketable. Consider five ways you can get an old house ready to be flipped to have a positive outcome.

Start from the Top Down

If you are planning on selling an old home, there’s a good chance that the roof is going to need attention. Leaks inside the house are a telltale sign that you have a problem. You may also notice moss growing on your roof, loose shingles, or areas that sag.

Bring in some professional roofing contractors to assess your home. Make sure any necessary repairs are completed. If the roof is over twenty years old, plan on replacing it.

Give Your Floors Attention

Take a walk through every room of the house with a critical eye on your flooring. Old rugs should be removed, especially if they are stained. If you have hardwood, sanding it down, adding new stain, and a coat of protectant can transform any room.

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If floors are damaged beyond repair, laminate or vinyl flooring are economical options that can really make a home shine. Use some elbow grease to make the floors sparkle or bring in a professional service to go the extra mile.

Take Care of Minor Repairs

An older house is going to need attention. Cracked molding, gaps around your windows, and small holes in the walls should be repaired. Don’t let a leaky faucet keep dripping. Check all of the light fixtures to ensure they work.

If a door or a kitchen drawer is always getting jammed, fix it. Take care of loose floorboards or steps that need to be replaced.

This is the time to go through each room and add a fresh layer of paint. Choose colors that are neutral. If a new homeowner wants something bold, that is there option. Light tones are best when you want to attract a buyer.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Need to be Priorities

The kitchen is the heart of a home for most people. In many cases, it’s also the first room people enter. If you’re going to give any room a complete overhaul, this is the place to start.

New cabinets and appliances are a wise choice. Don’t forget to replace the sink and faucet to add a modern touch.

If the floor isn’t in decent shape, consider a vinyl flooring that will withstand anything. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including planks that look like authentic wood flooring.

countertop paintbutcher block countertop

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Don’t overlook the importance of an attractive bathroom. New flooring, modern fixtures, fresh paint, and a vanity can spruce up the room. Consider replacing the tub with a shower unit or putting in a new surround to make the room pop.

Curbside Appeal Matters Most

When it comes to drawing in potential buyers, you need to make an excellent first impression. Think of it like a job interview. You buy a new suit and get a haircut because you want to look your best when you walk in the door. The same holds true for a house that is being placed on the market.

Interested buyers are either going to look at photos on line or they are going to drive by the property. What they see will determine if they keep driving or set up an appointment for a walk-through.

Give the exterior the attention it deserves. Fresh paint or vinyl siding is an investment that will give you worthwhile returns. New windows will be to your advantage as well.

Seal the driveway. Manicure the lawn. Plant flowers or do some landscaping so you will catch the eye of passersby or people who are ready to move.

An old home can be a treasure when you put time and energy into it. Many buyers will appreciate the atmosphere that comes with a home that has seen the passage of time.

Polish it inside and out. Clean it up, make improvements that don’t break you, and you will invite the next homeowner to come inside.

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