Why Consider Modular Homes?

Why Consider Modular Homes?

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    As the real estate market continues to reel from the effects of the housing crisis well over ten years back, we are seeing residential property values slowly creeping back to pre-recession numbers.

    Still, it's too early to say that things are looking good for real estate in the country, considering political and economic factors that are making the market more or less volatile.


Although there have been positive developments favoring the residential real estate sector such as the new tax law, homeowners should still be wary of other things that might come up and affect their buying decisions.

Then again, as technologies evolve, so do the preferences of homebuyers. Traditional real estate practices are also changing as people begin to shift the way they look at the buying process. For sure, this has a lot to do with the technologies that have been introduced to the market.

From their end, at least, we can already see that new technologies and methods can be modified according to specific preferences.

One such development that already has impacted the real estate sector is the rise of prefabricated homes. Much like purchasing an existing home, though, planning on building a modular home has to involve plenty of research.

Nevertheless, at least 22 million Americans are living in modular homes, according to ManufacturedHousing.org and there are at least 124 active manufacturing plants across the country.

If you’re aiming to buy a modular home this year, you need to have the right reasons to so. Here’s a list of most of them:

1. You want to build a home fast

If there’s pon advantage modular homes are known for, it’s speed. Indeed, you don’t have to spend too much time coming up with a detailed plan. The design is already set and the prefabricated materials are ready to be assembled.

The materials are more lightweight, which allows for rapid construction within just a few weeks. That said, you won’t have to worry about construction delays since all you need to do is to put the parts together. You can then move in once construction is finished.

2. You want a home that fits your lifestyle

Let’s face it, homeowners are looking for properties that “speak to them.” In other words, they want to live in homes that have the amenities they wanted. Comfort and control are the two most important reasons many people consider modular homes, so if you want a house that suits your lifestyle, you can look no further than a modular home.

One thing’s for sure, you can always find a company that specializes in luxury prefab homes that combine comfort and aesthetics into the home you have always wanted.


3. You want a home that’s functional

Aside from having the right features, you may also want a home that “works for you.” This means that the property is cleverly designed for a specific purpose.

If you’re aiming to lead a healthier life with your family in a community you love, you need to design a home that suits this need. Functionality is just as important as aesthetics. In this sense, modular homes won’t fail you in terms of providing convenience and peace of mind.

4. You want to stick to a tight budget

Existing homes are costly since their values are tied to the real estate market. Building from the ground up isn’t financially effective either, so assembling a modular home seems like a more practical idea. Sure enough, prefabricated properties won’t cost you a lot if you’re looking to build a home from scratch, costing only $49 per square footage compared to new constructions that cost more than a hundred dollars.

In this economy, it’s important to be practical when it comes to cash, so you have better chances of saving money for a freshly-built dwelling. But the best part about this is that modular homes are also considered as permanent properties. This means they can appreciate once construction is completed!


5. You want a home for the long run

Homebuyers want nothing more than houses in a secure and peaceful location and with the ability to sustain itself against the elements. Modular homes provide exactly that benefit owing to the fact that the materials are made off-site and are tested for their durability. Aside from durable materials, these homes also make use of advanced construction technologies.

Panelized systems, for one, are mainly wall components that are already properly insulated and can be assembled right away. Volumetric systems, on the other hand, are used for ceilings, walls, and floors. These two technologies can help create highly durable and efficient housing that withstands the test of time and the elements.

6. You want to keep energy costs to a minimum

Another advantage of modular homes is how energy-efficient they are. Since the materials are already properly insulated. Wall components, for instance, are already manufactured with thermal insulation. Not only will this helps save time in putting the home together, but it also allows for better temperature control. Moreover, the home designs themselves make use of energy-efficient concepts. From fiberglass walls to provisions for solar panels, modular homes can be fitted with eco-features that can help you save energy and minimize waste.


Using software, builders are able to design homes that allow for optimized cooling and heating. They are able to determine the position of walls and windows that allow for better heat retention and escape. Coupled with an electronic thermostat, modular homes are able to keep warm or cool under any climate.

7. You want to be in total control of the design

In this day and age, customization has become an important concept. From apps to the food that we eat, we want products that appeal to our aesthetic tastes. Though you an always conceptualize an ideal home design, you still have to work around geographic limitations.

other valuable tips:

In this sense, you are able to choose from a wide range of options for your home design and have these purchased or manufactured by a certified prefab builder.

No doubt, the future of home design will be defined by prefab technology. Considering volatility in the real estate market and the need for energy efficient homes, the manufactured housing industry will no doubt make a big impact in the coming years. You might as well consider modular homes right now.

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