Sunday Morning Tip for November 01: 4 Minor Renovations to Polish Up Your Home Before Refinancing

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for November 01:</span> 4 Minor Renovations to Polish Up Your Home Before Refinancing
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    Refinancing a home mortgage has several potential benefits.

    A homeowner may wish to make lower payments each month, lower the overall interest rate, or extend the original payment period specified in the terms of their contract.


However, getting some of these benefits as part of a new plan could rest on how your home appears during an inspection. Making small improvements to give the house a bit of polish can increase its apparent value when it is time to refinance.

Perform a Garage Makeover

Just having a garage as part of your property is a big value booster already. Making some small changes to the existing structure can do wonders for the rates or deals you get when it is time to refinance.

Installing a few shelving units or standing cabinets can add storage space and give a nice impression of organization. If there is room for it, you might consider adding a dedicated workspace to some part of the garage. These sorts of projects are relatively easy to do when compared to making an addition to the unit for more vehicle storage.

garage tools organizertool wall cabinet

      some garage organization to consider      

Replace the Windows

Windows add form and function to a home in one sleek design. As great as they are, they tend to take a beating from the elements over the years. Your windows may show obvious signs of wear or damage on the exterior, and there could be small spaces or cracks inside them that make them less efficient.

A new window installation can add a stylish, modern look and energy efficiency to your home without a lot of hassle or big renovations. Check with professionals to see what designs might work well with the architecture of your home.

Add Outdoor Spaces

Functional outdoor spaces can add a lot to the value of a home and make easier to get a refinancing deal. This might seem like a challenging project at first, but outdoor spaces are not usually as expensive or time-consuming as their indoor counterparts. Best of all, they tend to be popular, and having a desirable home can make refinancing easier.

Simple things you can try include a fire pit with seating, a dedicated play area for young children, or even a fence to make the edge of the property look nice. Even just having some patio tiling laid down can both beautify your yard, reduce maintenance needs, and increase the potential refinancing value.

stone fire pitoutdoor dining table set

      some outdoor entertainment to consider      

Use Inviting Entryways

In addition to being the main security barrier that separates your space from the world outside, the front door is also one of the main things people will notice first. It’s the gateway into a personalized area, and how it looks or functions can make the house more valuable.

You can add a security screen to increase your home security, put in a doorbell camera, or even just get the door itself repainted and refitted to give off a better impression to the home evaluator.

Adding a few of these tips to your list of improvement projects is one of the ways you might raise the value of your house. Making the dwelling look more appealing is a good start to getting a refinancing plan that is right for your needs. Whatever improvements you might make, be sure to point them out to an appraiser so that they will take note.

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