Accessory Dwelling Units – The Need For The Present-day Life

Accessory Dwelling Units – The Need For The Present-day Life
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    Remember when we were younger, most of us used to build playhouses or tents, imaginary camps, etc. to enjoy a thrilling day adventure.

    There were times when these baby houses used to be our camps for a night of stargazing.


While those were all intended for fun and play, today we are seeing an increase in the number of Accessory Dwelling Units. So what is all this about and why do people build smaller units near their main buildings? Today we will have a peek into the use of ADUs, advantages and practical benefits of such baby homes.

What is an ADU?

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. This is an additional structure on your property. It is a mini home built for your convenience on the same property as your main residential property. However, most of these accessory dwelling units are detached from the main building. It can be considered as an outhouse to your home.

In other cases, you can also convert your basement or rooftop to fit the requirement. It is entirely left to the discretion of the property owner to decide whether he/she wants a completely detached smaller unit or if it should be an extension or part of the main house.

In some cases, there is a passage that connects the two buildings and can be kept closed as per the occupants’ convenience.

Practical Uses of Having an Additional Unit to Your Main House

The next section of this brief account is to discuss quickly the practical benefits of having a smaller dwelling unit. Do people build it solely as a status symbol or are there any further benefits?

If possible, we would advise you to go for it and build an accessory dwelling unit on your property. Always approach reliable builders to take care of your building requirements.

This will solve a great deal of stress at the time of construction. Though it may seem to be a bother at the time of construction, there are many advantages to having such a place in your property.

ADU’s are particularly useful in cities and other densely populated areas. The need for living space is increasing daily opines experts from Acton ADU, because people are in search of better living conditions. Though the countryside is lovely to stay, the youth of all regions are migrating to areas where technology and its opportunities are growing without limits.

So such regions have to come up with ideas that help to incorporate and accommodate the entire population. This is where ADUs play a major role in tackling the housing/dwelling issues.

The Many Benefits Of ADU’s

ADUs are an excellent choice for affordable housing units as it helps to solve the housing problems of a region. There are many benefits of owning an ADU and here are the main ones listed out for you:

  • Suitable for people across different Age groups

    It is an excellent choice for students who find it convenient as well as within their means of income. ADU’s can be an excellent playhouse for kids while it also becomes the perfect hideout for over-stressed moms. ADU’s can also serve as a first home for newly married people until they can find a place of their own.

    ADU is the right choice for senior citizens who are looking for extra solitude, peace, and comfort because it has accessibility for elderly or family members with special needs. They can stay closer to the family yet live independently.

    ADU’s are also an excellent choice for writers, artists, and poets as it is an idea-generating place. As you are able to live peacefully, your mind is motivated to better creativity and conceptualize new things.

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  • More Room to Breathe

    The ADUs are a must if you have extra guests or family functions. With an ADU in hand, there will be no need to rent out extra rooms or hire hotel rooms just to accommodate your guests. You can also innovate and improvise to build more space. For example, save space by installing bunker beds fitted to the walls, make use of storage beds for extra storage space, etc.

  • Maintenance

    Thanks to the smaller living area, maintenance is one thing that you need not worry about. It is easy to clean and hence saves you a lot of time that you may have to spend if it was a house.

Additional Advantages

These ADUs are a means of generating additional property tax for a city and the amount completely depends on the usage. Many people also prefer to rent out the ADU to get an additional income. It also acts as an excellent storage area for household or commercial purposes and makes more space or rather saves space in the main house. In addition to this, ADU’s make an excellent working space if the main house is crowded or too noisy.

other valuable tips:

ADU’s can be a great place to stay in case there are renovations that are being carried out in the main house. You can also use it as a place to meditate and move into when you need a change from your daily routine without any additional costs being incurred.

It would be very expensive to go to a resort and stay a few weeks or even days, for that matter. Set up the ADU in style and then live in the most desired place for as many days as you need.

ADUs are a form of flexible living or informal support. You could have your family members staying right beside you, without interfering in your privacy. This is a help to elder people or frail family members who cannot live by themselves. You would get a sense of security and comfort too when you have close kin residing nearby. As you can see, the number of advantages of having an ADU is numerous. It is kind of a relief to come sit by a quiet area after a day of stress and strain at the workplace!

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