4 Additions That Make Your House a Home

4 Additions That Make Your House a Home
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    Anyone who has ever lived in one place for a long period of time knows that there is quite the difference between a house and a home.

    Here is a closer look at four additions that will help you and your family finally feel at home.


Create a Breakfast or Reading Nook

For many families, electronic devices are a major reason that no one feels a connection to the house. This is because few memories can be made when everyone is in their own separate room reading emails, watching TV, or playing games. Building a breakfast or reading nook will instantly change the vibe of your home and provide a space where the family can all come together.

The primary difference between a breakfast nook and a reading nook is the addition of a table for eating. Luckily, you can even combine these ideas by putting a few extra pillows in the breakfast nook or installing a ledge for snacks in the reading nook. With the right lighting, you might find that your family never wants to leave this area of the home.

Invest in an Outdoor Living Space

Designing an outdoor living space is not only going to improve the value of your home, but it is also going to bring your family closer together than ever and create the perfect setting for making new memories. Living spaces can be as simple or as exotic as you would like them to be depending on your budget, how long you will be living in the home, and the amount of time that you can invest in this project. A basic living space needs nothing more than a few comfortable chairs and a centerpiece such as a fireplace or a fountain. From there, you can opt for any number of upgrades such as an outdoor kitchen, awnings, and a wireless sound system.

any remodeling addition will require a spec sheet on what is to be done. The spec sheet defines the type of products to be used, electrical needs, decor needs, budget and more.

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Add a Luxurious Hot Tub

When many people think about their ideal home, a luxurious hot tub is one of the first upgrades that comes to mind. These additions are perfect for families of any size and can be enjoyed throughout the year no matter what the weather might be. Homeowners can work with a local spa dealer to customize their hot tub and make sure that it has all of the features that they will ever want. While a couple might need nothing more than a smaller tub designed for just a few people, those who are hoping to entertain can install an extravagant spa with features such as wireless controls and personalized lighting.

Open Up the Layout

It is possible to make your home feel larger and more welcoming without adding square footage. Many contractors never think about just how claustrophobic the layout of a home can be after it is filled with a family’s possessions. Unfortunately, smaller rooms and hallways often leave residents uncomfortable with where they are living. Options such as removing walls and widening doorways will add a whole new dimension to your home and could make it appear much larger than before. For those who are interested in one of these major projects, it is important to remember that they do require a permit from the city or county before changes are made.

Believing that your house is nothing more than a place where you eat and sleep can impact almost every aspect of your life. Many families will begin to feel as if they no longer have a space where they are truly relaxed and separate from the world. Hopefully, one of these four upgrades or additions will help you finally feel at home.



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