Renovation Secrets for Tiny Apartments

Renovation Secrets for Tiny Apartments
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    We can’t always get all the space we want but we can make the most of the space we have.

    A comfortable apartment isn’t necessarily a spacious one. All you need is your imagination and a little effort to make compact living comfortable living.


It may not sound ideal, but living in a tiny apartment actually has its perks, and one of them is that it forces us to be creative, especially if we’re not living alone. A tiny apartment requires creativity in finding storage solutions, visually expanding, and providing privacy.

In this post, we reveal renovation secrets for tiny apartments that will make your small living space functional, chic and cozy.

Maximize natural lighting

Nothing makes a space wide and roomy like natural light. Add windows and glass doors to invite more natural light inside. In addition to controlling how much light gets in, curtains can add a decorative touch to your apartment. Choose sheer curtains to allow light to flow through your home during the day. 


Allowing light to bounce off the reflective surfaces can also fill your home with sunlight and make your tiny apartment look bigger.

An elegant mirror will make your room look chic and expand it visually, whether it is new, antique or vintage.

Place a mirror directly opposite a source of light (glass door or window). A smart choice and placement of paintings can produce a similar effect.

Colors and prints

When painting the walls, go for the lighter colors to make the space larger and more inviting. Select a monochromatic palette of very light-colored, walls, floors, and window treatments.

The paint color you choose should be white shaded, beige or an atmospheric neutral. You can also add a rug in a similar tone as the walls.

White walls

White walls make any room look cleaner and less cluttered and create a calming atmosphere. Painting every room white will instantly lighten up the space and create an illusion of added volume.

On the downside, a white room may appear empty and unfriendly unless you add a pop of color. If you think white walls are too cold and boring, you can always choose furnishings, pillows, decorative pieces, and other items in bold, vibrant colors to add more life and energy to a room.

Matching prints

Decorate a whole room with matching fabrics. Choose the same pattern for your upholstery, curtains, wallpaper, and even lampshades. This may seem a little risky, but it can actually enlarge a tiny space by making it feel united.

Cut the clutter

The lack of storage space is one of the biggest complaints among small apartment owners. If you want to put that precious space to good use, get rid of the junk you don’t use to make room for the stuff you actually need.

wall arm lampcontemporary sofa furniture

      some contemporary look ideas to consider      

When moving from a bigger home to a tiny apartment, you’ll find yourself with a ton of stuff you simply have no room for. Try to donate or throw away every item you haven’t used in years. If there is too much stuff you want to keep, the only thing left to do is rent additional storage for all extra items you have.

Use the walls for extra storage space

Finding storage space in a small home isn’t easy. When you live in a tiny apartment, naked walls are a huge waste of space. You need to think vertically and make the most of them.

  • Fill naked corners with furniture that offers vertical storage space such as tables and corner shelves.
  • Stack cabinets on your unused walls to free up floor space. Stacking is one of the simplest renovation secrets for tiny apartments in the book. All you need are wooden cabinets, a few screws, and a screwdriver. Screwing the cabinets into the wall is not always necessary because some are already sturdy, which makes your job even easier.
  • Installing shelves also gives you a lot of accessible storage space in your apartment, plus, you’ll be able to find everything more easily.
  • You can even repurpose old drawers or wooden crates into shelves. Arrange them however you want and use them for storing books and other smaller items.
  • The space above the doors is rarely used. Install a storage shelf or cabinet right above the door of each room!
  • Pegboards that come with tailor-made baskets, rods, and hooks can also look great on your walls.

Consider furnishings wisely

There is a wide choice of multi-purpose and mobile furniture designed for tiny spaces. Choose pieces that can easily be rolled out or tucked away.

Select furnishings with storage space. A corner banquette with hidden storage space beneath the seats is a perfect multi-purpose furniture item for tiny apartments.

floating picture framelarge picture frames

      some wall art ideas to consider      

Having many small pieces of furniture can make a room look cluttered. So, opt for one larger piece instead of two smaller pieces. Also, placing a larger item near a ‘white space’ creates an illusion of depth.

Kitchen renovation secrets for tiny apartments

The kitchen is often the most cluttered part of a home. Begin your kitchen remodel by identifying the essentials and tossing everything else. Expired food and spices and broken appliances shouldn’t be occupying precious space.

other valuable tips:

Most small apartments have a narrow kitchen. One of the best-known renovation secrets for tiny apartments is to eliminate dividing walls to make a space appear larger. If there is a wall separating the kitchen and the dining area, get rid of it and make one larger room instead of two small ones.

Alternatively, replace traditional walls with clear glass partitions. Sliding glass walls are a great way to unite distinct areas while separating them at the same time.

We also recommend investing in a mobile kitchen island or extendable multi-purpose dining table whose length you can adjust depending on your needs.

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