Tips On How To Raise The Value Of Your Home – Exterior Edition

Tips On How To Raise The Value Of Your Home – Exterior Edition
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    Potential buyers start forming their opinion on a house from the very beginning, namely when they see the curb appeal.

    A well-maintained and neat curb appeal will send a completely different message than the one where the spouts are filled with leaves and the flower beds are wilted.


As the homeowner, you need to grab the buyer’s attention by making them admire your exterior. Upgrading the exterior edition isn’t as costly as you may think because many upgrades can be DIY projects. Your investment in these upgrades will return quickly because they will significantly raise the value of your home.

Front Door Upgrades for a Warm Welcome

The entrance door says something about the owners, and you want it to say it’s a nice, warm home comfortable to live in. Painting or even replacing the whole door with others in an accent color is a bold move. A bright red will catch everybody’s attention.

However, mind the insulation, too. There shouldn’t be any gaps letting the air inside – the buyers will know they will be left with high heating bills.

exterior storm doorsexterior door smart lock

In case you’re replacing the old doors, choose modern ones that come with secure deadbolts. Safety is appealing to potential buyers, so consider adding smart technology, for example, remote locks and a Wi-Fi-enabled camera.

New Garage Door for a Quick Boost

Give your home a distinctive look with installing a new, modern-looking garage door. The new door can cost under $1000 but its effect can be huge. Take several factors into consideration, including the aesthetic look to the safety features. A garage door instructor may help you with the choice to find the right balance between the price and quality.

Neat Driveway

Adding a driveway will instantly improve the curb appeal but also make it more practical to approach the home or the garage. Most buyers like it because it allows them to drive from their home to the main road without disturbing the landscape.

In case you already have it, then make sure it’s neat. Apply asphalt coating – you can even do a colored asphalt as a bonus decorative trick.

Add flower beds on both edges to boost its appearance and makes sure the flowers are in a symmetrical composition to be more appealing to the viewer.

Window Upgrades

The exterior of your home is hugely impacted by the windows. You can use them to add an accent color to the exterior by painting window sills or shutters that match your front door. If your windows are old, it’s better to replace them because they probably let draft inside, increasing the heating bill.

In case you want a bigger improvement, think about installing faux iron balconies – they look cute and elegant but aren’t a costly investment.

You can go big by adding a balcony. Even though it’s expensive, it would really boost your home’s value.

Update the Gutters

The structural integrity of your roof is highly dependable on the gutters. They also affect the look of your house, so tend to them regularly.Worn, cracked or hanging gutters are a big no-no for potential buyers, so inspect all of the gutters to see if they need to be repaired or replaced.

home gutter guardcopper gutters

There are different gutter materials with different benefits so inform yourself on all of them before making your final pick. Materials such as stainless steel or copper will give your home a modern, elegant look and improve the functionality of the exterior.

Do Your Best with Landscaping

Potential buyers like to see a well-maintained yard with interesting decorative and practical additions.First of all, mow the lawn and trim the trees and shrubs regularly. Pull out the weeds and get rid of wilted plants. Add a few potted plants at the right places. If you feel you need to up your game, then hire a landscaper which will really make your curb appeal pop out in the neighborhood.

In case you have a cute spot in the front yard, make it a cozy place for sitting on a bench or even adding a table and a few chairs. Finish the look with a rainbow shade cloth, which will not only provide protection from the sun but also serve as a lovely decorative addition to the curb appeal.

Efficient, Yet Pleasing Outdoor Lighting

Most buyers live a secure approach to their home so the outdoor lighting will make sure everything is visible. Lighting also scares away burglars. You can take it up a notch by using accent lighting on the trees and the walking path, too. A solar panel will make the outdoor lighting more energy-efficient, which is another plus.

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Final Comment

The exterior edition of your home does half of the job when you decide to sell it. It creates a certain image in potential buyers’ minds on what to expect inside and what kind of homeowners you have been so far. The boost in value after the upgrades will probably be greater than your investment.

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