Why Choose Professional Seawall Construction

Why Choose Professional Seawall Construction
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    Every seaside property owner can tell you that having any structures, such as business or housing, is more than just buying land and building.

    There are a lot of variables that can pose dangers to the foundations and houses, manufacturing plants, or offices built upon them.


Besides the elements themselves, waterfront property can experience erosion of the earth, leaving the soil unstable, which can make any construction a risky venture.

If you do it right, however, your new business or housing developments can be built on firm foundations and protected by a professional quality seawall.

What are seawalls?

Seawalls are barriers built along shorelines to protect the coast from erosion. Over time, crashing waves and shifting tides can eat away at the point where the water meets the ground. Like breakwaters, sometimes called a jetty, these man-made barriers help defend towns from harsh weather as it disturbs the seas.

Seawalls have been found in civilizations for ages, found as far back in history near 200 AD in what became modern-day Istanbul, and even further back as mentioned in this article. Protecting against tsunamis for centuries in eastern coastal countries, some form of constructed wall has been around to frame the shore for a reason.

When high seas, towering waves, and even storm cells that swell the tide threaten a seaside town, seawalls can help ensure the survival of the foundations on which they’re built.



Depending on the type of property you have and the type of water around it, you have a few options for what the design and materials can be explained more in the link below, but before you get to that point, you’ll need to have experts come out and survey the area for you:

Experts know what time has shown

By coming to your property and evaluating the coast and conditions, a professional can advise you on whether to go with a curved seawall or a gravity seawall. Curved ones fit along the shower in a natural path to prevent interference with wave patterns, whereas gravity walls are anchored with deeply sunken piles and support themselves with their own weight, and can be built from the land or from the water.

From Japan to Istanbul and even in the UK, seawalls are used to allow us more access to land for use to house ourselves or expand ongoing enterprises and add peace of mind to those who reside seaside. Made of various kinds of stone or sometimes metal, these barriers can offer several forms of protection for construction, new or old.

Our co-inhabitance with the wild oceans of the planet has always hinged on our ability to tame the seas where we can and work around them where we can’t. For experienced advice from those who have learned exactly how to work around the sea, you can turn to Saltoftheearthinc.com

Materials made to last, no matter the weather

A common material for creating a sturdy seawall is concrete. Easy to shape and set quickly, it offers a cost effective method of adding protection to the shoreline of your property. Boulder seawalls, or large cobble seawalls, offer a more natural appearance of piled stone, excellent for protecting the coast without disrupting the appeal of the scenery.

If you’re more interested in something with an industrial appearance, you can choose sheet pile, which are panels of walls made of strong metals and anchored into bedrock or deep soil. There are also rip-rap seawalls, these have a unique visual element of carefully laid stone, which can be a big advantage for discerning visitors or clientele.

There are more interesting details and facts available through this link.

After surveying your land and mapping the pattern of your shore, as well as measuring the high watermark, experts in installation will submit the necessary permits to begin work. It’s no small feat to move the earth, so having licenses and trained professionals to operate the heavy equipment that will be necessary to complete the job will save you both time and stress.

Carving out whatever is needed to anchor the future wall to the ground, deep in the soil or bedrock, they will use the materials you’ve chosen based on their recommendations and begin to create a barrier for you.

Preemptive protection

Once in place, your seawall should stand in defense of your shoreline for many decades. Occasionally it may need some repair, as is expected with any structure, but as long as there are no voids in the soil and earth packed against the inside of the seawall it will remain sound and strong against the ocean.

Voids in the soil, or shifting earth behind the wall, can change how the water causing pressure against it affects its stability. Should too much pressure be focused on a spot that isn’t adequately supported, the wall can buckle.

home improvement ideas to consider (new win):

A few symptoms you can look for when trying to diagnose this issue are listed on the site below:


As our climate changes and grows more fearsome, tides rising and storms aplenty across the world’s oceans, it’s important to look ahead and plan your building or expansions with care.

Protect the inland you build on from storms and erosion with seawalls created uniquely for your location, by pros who are experienced and equipped to do the job right the first time, and protect your financial well-being by guarding your investments with preventative measures of excellent barrier construction.

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