Home Handymen: 5 Summer Repairs to Restore Your Home’s Beauty

Home Handymen: 5 Summer Repairs to Restore Your Home’s Beauty
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    The summer season is the best time of the year to increase the appeal of your home and fix it up for the warmer months ahead.


You won’t have to worry about encountering wet or stormy weather by working on the property during the summer months. If you want to increase the functionality and look of your property, there are a few summer repairs to perform.

1. Paint the Siding and Trim

The siding and trim on your house will influence the curb appeal of the property. Make it a point to paint the siding and trim to give it a makeover with the use of beautiful colors that allow the house to stand out in the neighborhood.

According to realestate.usnews.com, the job will take an average of a week to scrape and sand the material before adding a fresh coat of paint. The paint should be applied in 50 to 90-degree weather on dry days.

2. Replace Missing Roofing Materials

Replace tiles or shingles that are loose or are missing on the roof deck to increase your home’s beauty. Improving the quality of your roof will reduce the risk of leaks that develop and can also increase the value of your home. This is also a good area of repair to where you can also make some improvements as well.

The fad right now is to make your home more energy efficient. Your roof can help do just that. You might even want to consider putting solar panels on your roof to help out with your home energy efficiency. You could also just stick to installing a new metal roof as well. This will help with making fewer roofing repairs and updates in the future.

3. Restain the Deck

Liven up your wood deck by restraining it and making it look new again. You’ll need to sand down the surface before applying the stain and sealant to protect it from damage from environmental elements. It’s also important to clean out the rain gutters and remove leaves or debris that have accumulated to ensure proper drainage. A fresh coat of stain will give your deck a fresh look and it will look brand new when it is all done.

4. Repairing Fences

Fences can become destroyed or damaged due to inclement weather, making it necessary to repair the fence to improve your home’s appeal and increase your home security.

You can obtain welding equipment from companies like Burnback Welding Equip Services to repair a fence that is installed in your yard or contact other local fence repair specialists.

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5. Patch the Concrete

Repair concrete deteriorating by patching it if it’s just a surface blemish and the concrete underneath the surface is still in good condition. You’ll increase the style and look of your home with minor repairs that are easy to perform in warmer seasons.

When you want to create a beautiful setting to call your own, there are several summer repairs to consider. By improving the condition of the house and yard, you can get more use out of it once the temperatures rise. The final product, if it is done right, is a refreshed looking home.

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