Working with Skirting Board

Working with Skirting Board
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    This is a wooden or vinyl material that is used to cover the lower parts of an interior wall.

    It can also be referred to as mop boards because it protects the wall from the water after cleaning has been done. It covers joints between wall surfaces and the floor.


It gives protection to the wall from furniture and scratches, which serves as a decoration. They are made up of various designs such as wooden, metal, pencil, etc.

You can use these fittings for various purposes; some are in the aspect of beautification, and others are in the form of hiding unwanted features or imperfections of the wall. They are made of premium grade MDF and are resistant to moisture; thus can be used in any room from the kitchen to bathrooms. If you want, you can also consider ovolo skirting boards.

Top Renovation Tips

When you are renovating a wall base, it means that you cover or coat the surface with paint, wax or varnish. There are several ways to help you have an easy renovation process. They include:

  • Vacuum the skirting board before painting

    Before applying paint on your base strip, you need to clean it. This will enable you to get rid of any dust or sand which may have been generated while fitting the margins. If you fail to clean, the particles will be attracted to the freshly applied paint.

    This will create blemishes and bumps on them. In cases where you fail to get rid of all the bumps, you can opt to use the silk paint, which may help you to cover the created bumps and blemish.

    Find out how you can clean your margins here

skirting boardcoffered ceiling molding

  • Use a larger skirt

    It will enable you to cover any mess that may have been generated while when the older fitting was done. This is why it’s advisable to use an old skirting to match with a new one. This will enable you to cover the mess created in the footer bar entirely.

  • Strip off the carpet.

    If you having difficulties in removing the skirt, you can try to remove the cover of the floor. It will help you to prevent any paint from dripping on the floor. This will enable you to approach and prepare the wall base easily.

  • Remove the skirt from the original place

    Before you refit the board, remove the skirt and band to get it ready then apply paint on it. You should do all this before skimming the wall above. It is easy to do your renovation when the base strip is not in its original state

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  • Lurking electrical risks.

    Be aware of old installed electrics wires and any device producing electricity. In some homes, you may find all types of sockets which are connected to the skirting board and also electric wires filled behind them. Take precautions until you are confident there are no installed electric wires. In case there is any wire, switch off the primary source of electricity to make sure the base strip is safe to work on.

  • Venerable lead paint danger

    Lead is added to the paint because it hardens the paint, and it also creates a very bright white shiny completion on the margins. Lead also helps the paint to dry quickly. However, lead is not as safe as it affects the nervous system when inhaled. It enters the body through inhaling or ingestion; therefore, it should not be inhaled. One should be cautious and take the necessary measures to avoid direct contact with lead paint.

  • Be cautious of the flexible carpet

    You can opt to use a paint protector to push the rug when you are painting the skirt above it. However, you need to wrap up the carpet to avoid springing back when lifting what you used to push down on the wall base.

other valuable tips:


The above tips will enable you to work efficiently, you will also use less time, and they are also safe. You must remove some of the skirting boards when it’s time to redo your floor. Some of these items tend to bring more damage during construction, therefore, adding unnecessary costs to the owner. Click here for more information on how to fit the boards.

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