What Trends Are Defining Modern Homes and What That Means for the Future

What Trends Are Defining Modern Homes and What That Means for the Future
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    It can be difficult to predict the future of any industry, especially as the present is ever-changing.

    However, the trends of what homeowners look for in housing today may well effect how houses are built in the future.


What are homeowners looking for in a modern house? Here are four interior design aspects of modern housing preferences that may be shaping the future of the housing market as we know it.

Open Floor Plans

With housing space becoming so limited, the open floor concept has long been a favorite of the savvy homeowner. However, that trend is starting to disappear. Modern home buyers are looking now for more private, intimate spaces that lend themselves toward more space for bookshelves and decoration.

For those not keeping their ear to the ground, failing to keep up with this trend could lead to a massive number of real estate professionals losing business over investing in the wrong floor plans. As the future becomes more centered around privacy, it is likely that there will be more and more walls in the most desirable modern homes.


Minimalist Living

Even if the idea of fewer walls is going away, minimalist decoration has remained very desirable in modern homes. Following the spirit of making more with less, consumers seek to minimize the amount of clutter in their intimate spaces. This helps create a feeling of more space, even if the rooms themselves are getting smaller, and makes living areas more breathable.

Too many multi-color patterns and large wall hangings make a space feel smaller and more cramped. Japanese construction methods of making everything multi-functional has also come into play in modern minimalist living. In future home building, it is likely that more under-stair bookshelves, pull-out furniture, and transforming rooms will play prominent roles.



By the beginning of 2019, experts say American homes will have nearly 50 million smart technologies. Everything from programmable lights to blinds can be controlled with an app or remote control already. Edelen Door sells garage door remotes and gate controls that can be attached to your keychain; and Amazon’s Alexa AI has become connectable to lights, outlets, speakers, television sets, and online data storage.

Convenience and accessibility are number one priorities for modern consumers, making it likely that future homes will come with automated technology already installed. Beyond the currently common garage doors, it may be likely that door locks will come pre-programmed to connect to phones, along with roller blinds and a host of modern appliances.



Another trend in modern homes is using products that reduce electricity and gas consumption. Modern appliances, including heating and AC systems, are being made for greater efficiency as demand has increased. On top of energy use, low-flow showerheads and faucets are becoming more popular to reduce water consumption.

The responsible and efficient use of resources is of major interest to the modern consumer, making it likely that future home constructions will be geared more towards this ideal. Large, low-E glass windows for natural lighting and reduced heat loss will likely become more common in home construction, as well as more efficient insulating materials, electrical wiring, and so on. There may even be a future in view where solar technology is utilized in the average home build in order to increase sustainable energy sourcing.

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The modern homeowner increasingly seeks simplicity and efficiency in their homes. Convenience comes hand in hand with these new trends, making it essential that good home builders and real estate investors keep on top of these new technological additives. We can all likely expect these trends to continue to spread and grow in popularity over the coming years as prices drop and products become more readily available.

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