Should You Renovate the Lecture Hall?

Should You Renovate the Lecture Hall?
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    Compared to most types of buildings, lecture halls are particularly susceptible to wear and tear from everyday usage.


Also, you sometimes find that some students don’t appreciate that they have been provided with comfortable seating for their lecture. You may have come across evidence of vandalism, from initials scratched into the woodwork to ripping the fabric away. 

It sometimes makes you think ‘Is it worth renovating if it is going to be vandalized?’ Of course it can be frustrating for a caretaker to see such neglect of property but it is still essential that students are provided with a comfortable environment to study in.

At the start of each school year, new students will start and the college or university wants to give the best possible impression to these students. But is there a way of ensuring that seating isn’t damaged throughout the course of the year? There are a number of things that you can do from setting up video cameras and punishing vandals by asking them to pay for the rather expensive repairs themselves.

Another way you can help to prevent damage is to select seating that is more durable and choose darker colors for the seating that won’t show graffiti up as much as lighter options. Have a look at some of the seating options that are available and see if you can choose a more suitable style of fixed seating to help prevent damage.

If you are looking at completely replacing the seating then it is advisable to refresh the flooring and walls at the same time. If the entire lecture hall looks like it has been renovated then students are less likely to start vandalizing it. Of course, there will eventually be some damage but they will be less inclined to damage new looking furniture because they will fear repercussions more. If a student is surrounded by vandalized property, they almost think that it is okay to add some more so it can change the mindset of a potential vandal.

Other ways to prevent vandalism include having a respected figure of authority talking to students about the vandalism and explaining how much it costs the school. Younger adults and teenagers don’t always realize how much repairs cost but if someone get say to them ‘We had to spend £10,000 on vandalism repairs this year instead of buying new software that would allow you to do x, y and z’ they may be able to put it into context better.

Renovating a lecture hall can feel like a pointless task but remember that open evenings for prospective students are a key part of the success of the college. If parents and potential students see a building that looks run down and not well looked after then that will make them feel that the whole college is second rate. First impressions really count and also it is unfair for the large population of students that do not vandalize to have to put up with that studying environment.

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