Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 23: 4 Common Items That Pile Up In Your Home

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 23:</span> 4 Common Items That Pile Up In Your Home
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    Keeping your home neat and tidy requires regular effort, but even with your constant attention, it may seem like your home continually becomes more cluttered over time.


After all, most families tend to acquire more and more possessions over time, but many do not take the time that is necessary to clean out old and unnecessary belongings. These are some of the more common items that can clutter a home and that may be impacting your home today.

Car Parts and Supplies

If you are like many drivers, you may try to do at least some of the repair and maintenance work on your car yourself. After all, this could save you time and money. However, car parts such as tires, filters, and more, can easily clutter your garage. Some items, such as tires and rims, may find their way into your backyard to sit around for months or longer before they are disposed of. To cut down on car-related clutter, evaluate what you really need and what you don’t; then sell or give away the rest.

Bills and Mail

You may visit your mailbox every day or two, but you understandably do not pay your bills this frequently. Many people commonly place all their mail in a stack that they intend to get to at a later date. This stack tends to grow to a rather sizable height before you may decide to tackle it all at once.

In some cases, you may cherry-pick the bills that you want to pay, and this means that the pile may never actually disappear entirely. To save yourself time and clutter, sort out mail you don’t need as soon as you bring it into the house, and take care of bills as soon as they arrive. Try coming up with a system of organizing your paperwork.

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Laundry is a never-ending chore. You may have piles of laundry to do at various times. As soon as you wash this laundry, there may be piles to fold and iron. You may also keep a pile of socks out that you may rarely ever fold. Instead, you may simply pull socks out of the pile as needed.

If you ever do get around to getting all of the laundry completely washed, folded, ironed and put away within a very short period of time, you inevitably will have a new pile of dirty laundry starting to grow within hours. The secret to keeping laundry under control is to always put forth a little effort every day to sort clothes, rotate them through the washer and dryer, and fold clean items.


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If you have children or pets, you likely have at least a few toys lying around the house. Toys seem to multiply quickly. Part of this is because children tend to lack the discipline to tidy up their toys, and part of this is because you purchase or receive toys more frequently than you retire them. While investing in organizational systems for toys can help keep their populations under control, you may still need to regularly clean out your child’s toy collection. Throw away items that are too ragged to donate.

Clutter is, unfortunately, a part of life. Now that you are aware of what the most common types of clutter are in most homes, you may be more diligent about combating clutter in your home.


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