Sunday Morning Tip for Nov 10: Is Your Home Ready for Snow? 4 Checks to Run ASAP

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Nov 10:</span> Is Your Home Ready for Snow? 4 Checks to Run ASAP
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    One of the worst things is to have a cold home in the winter.

    To avoid this problem, it is important for homeowners to develop a solid maintenance and inspection program.


We have four “home snow ready” things you should check out this fall below.

Winterize the sprinkler system

Draining the sprinkler system is important to preventing any damage when temperatures dip below freezing. It is important to check each sprinkler head and all the lines for cracks before manually letting all the water out of the lines. A landscaper can come and blow out the system with compressed air to get any remaining water out of the unit.

Using back flow prevention helps keep ice and snowmelt from getting in the lines as well. This will go a long way in protecting your sprinkler system through hard freezes, preventing cracks and damage that would require replacement when spring comes.

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Check the roof and rain gutters for leaks

Staying ahead of the weather is necessary when you own a home. Checking the roof for any damage is crucial. To keep from falling while on a ladder, a good pair of binoculars can help you see to the peak from the ground.

If you see any problems, then it is a good idea to contact residential roofers who can fix the issues before the ice can make them worse. While you are looking at the roof, make sure to check out the gutters at each seam and ensure they are not sagging or letting water leak against the house.

Inspect the weather stripping for doors and windows

Buttoning up the house means checking the seals around doors and windows. These areas are the largest openings in the house. Losing heat and letting in the cold air happens quickly without the proper insulating materials. Weather stripping, caulk, and insulation can improve energy savings while getting rid of drafts.

Adding weather stripping also goes a long way in pest control. Spiders and other bugs often come in through the cracks around doors and windows while the cold encourages them to seek warmer lodging. Your home is much more hospitable in the winter than the outdoors to them, so its best to take extra measures now while the temperature is dropping so that unwelcome guests aren’t able to sneak in through the seams.

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Get a furnace inspection

Experts suggest people contact a specialist for an HVAC inspection every year. By scheduling this appointment before the snow arrives, you can avoid long waits for service professionals. Plus, regular checks help you prevent emergency repairs which can cost an arm and a leg for fixes overnight or during holiday weekends.

Just like its best to get your AC checked before it is tested by the heat of summer, you’ll want to make sure that your heater is well prepared for the cold that freezing winter will pit against it.

Get your home ready for winter now. You will save money, time, and hassle with fall maintenance checks. Keep your family out of the cold with a home tune-up that includes the roof, furnace, gutters, and openings. When everyone else is fiddling with winterizing in the cold months, you will be nice and toasty with the work complete because your home will be ready for winter.

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