From Clutter-Free to Neat-Freak: Redesign Your Kid’s Room With These Tips

From Clutter-Free to Neat-Freak:  Redesign Your Kid’s Room With These Tips
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    We understand you want your children to be tidy and organized, as all parents do, but while that is a noble wish, it is also a tad impractical.

    Kids are just not known for being what you want them to be.


It’s fun to be messy, to draw on the walls, to jump on a perfectly made-up bed in dirty shoes. To pout and sulk and throw your toys around, or to pretend to be a bus driver and roll over everything that comes in your way.

We say, let kids be kids. As they get older you will be able to spot the naturally tidy ones from those who will simply never get the fuss about everything being in its right place instead of it being strewn on the floor. It is also a personality thing and does not necessarily reflect on your parenting skills.

Having said that, there are ways in which you can design your children’s rooms so that they naturally stay more organized than disorganized. Here are three tips to get you started.

Purchase Big Round Wicker Baskets

And place them at strategic locations throughout your house, specifically in your children’s room(s). Keep the baskets roomy enough for the kids to be able to throw most of their things into them. If your kids are not going to go through the trouble of carefully picking up their toys and putting each one of them in its right place, they can definitely grab the toys and toss them into a nice-looking magical box.

You reckon something like the following will help, while also adding to the aesthetics of your décor? These baskets come in a delightful variety of shapes and colors for your kids to be able to distinguish between which one is for their toys and which for other miscellaneous things.

You can also make your own boxes with the help of your kids. Place pictures of their favorite cartoon characters on them; that might just get them to care for the boxes!

Buy Oversized Wardrobes And Storage Furniture

Kids grow a lot faster than we expect them to and soon they have a lot of stuff that they don’t want to let go of. They don’t necessarily want to care for it either. As a parent this is a dilemma. You have to decide what to keep and what to discard on their behalf, but that may sometimes entail breaking their heart. We suggest staying firm in your conviction though. Once you have got rid of all the extremely redundant stuff, proceed to buy bigger wardrobes than your children need currently.

Furniture that has just the right amount of storing space for your needs tends to work only when you carefully and meticulously make use of each and every inch of space in it. That means folding your sweatshirts properly and placing them on top of others in a drawer. Kids on the other hand are more likely to take off their sweater, roll it up, and stuff it somewhere in the wardrobe. A right-sized wardrobe thus would run out of space rather quickly.


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So as a rule of thumb, keep the things your children own in check and provide them with more space than they need to store their things. That will considerably increase their chances of dumping their stuff inside the storage options than on the floor.

Coat Your Walls In High-Quality Paint

You cannot stop your daughter from scribbling on the walls if she really loves doing that. And you don’t really want to scold her much for it either. From her point of view it makes perfect sense to treat the empty space as her canvas, why do you want to play spoilsport?

It’s much better instead to opt for washable paint on your walls. So that if she does doodle on the walls you can easily wipe it away with a wet sponge.

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