Mixing Business with Pleasure: How to Create a Home Office that is Productivity Centra

Mixing Business with Pleasure: How to Create a Home Office that is Productivity Centra
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    Working from home is a great career option for many people.

    However, if you want to be productive when working from home, you need a designated working space that will free you from distraction and ensure maximum productivity.


If you’re ready to create the perfect work zone in your home, read ahead to learn about the essentials every home office cannot function without.

Create a Designated Working Spot

If possible, you want your work space to be a separate room that can be cut off from the noise and distraction of the rest of the house. If you don’t have the luxury of devoting an entire room to your office, try to choose a space that is away from most of the activities in the home, and away from the television or other distracting devices.

If you have a separate room where you can close the door and be separated from the rest of the house, you’re more likely to get work done. If you try to do work at the kitchen table, or from the living room couch, your brain won’t be in “work” mode, since those are typically areas where you relax.

Create an Inspiring Environment

While you want an environment where you can concentrate, you should also make this your own personal space, just like you would if you were at your own office space in an actual office building. Make things personal and interesting—you don’t have to be trapped in a boring room all day. If you have an area or room in your home with a window available, consider selecting the space with a view if possible.

Giving yourself a view is a way for you to relax and unwind without feeling cramped or overwhelmed during your regular work hours. The better the view is, the easier it may feel to find peace while working without your work atmosphere feeling stuffy and boring. If you’re one who gets distracted easily, it’s probably not a good idea to face towards the window. Consider painting the walls, and putting up artwork or wall hangings to make the room more comfortable. Having something to look at during the day will make things less boring, and might even give you inspiration throughout the day.

Make your Furnishings Comfortable and Functional

Just because you are putting an office together, doesn’t mean it has to be cold, rigid, or uncomfortable. Adding a nice rug or a comfortable chair can add to the comfort level as well as the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can sit on a comfy chair or couch if you’re taking a long call, or if you just need a break throughout the day. Having a little space to relax will make it easier for you to make it through the work day.

Aside from comfortable furnishings, make sure you have all of the office furniture that will be necessary for getting real work done. Be sure to choose an office chair that is right for you and your height as well as any back or muscle issue you may experience personally. Having a combination of both comfortable as well as functional furniture will make your home office a comfortable place to be, but will also give you a better chance of getting work done. It’s also a good idea to have a desk in your office, regardless of what type of work you do.

Adequate Lighting

Incorporate lighting that works for you, whether you prefer natural lighting or mood lighting with dimmers. If you are interested in natural lighting, consider sheer blinds and curtain decor or wooden blinds with easy access, in addition to the possibility of installing a skylight for the room. It will depend on the type of work you are doing, but if you will be reading or writing, you’ll need ample light so you don’t strain your eyes.

Having light and airy conditions in the room will also keep you from feeling claustrophobic or like you’re being cooped up. If you keep the door to your office closed for privacy and to avoid distractions, make sure you still have a good air flow going through the room. In the warmer months, you can even open a window to allow a breeze to flow through the room. Having adequate lighting and air flow in your office will make all the difference when it comes to your ability to work for long periods of time.

Organization is Key

Ridding all clutter from your designated home office is also essential when you want to maximize productivity. Getting rid of clutter starts with your work desk and its surrounding areas. Organize bookshelves and organization bins. Rid papers from your desk and use folders along with incoming and outgoing mailboxes. Papers can pile up quickly in a little home office, so think about investing in a filing cabinet that will allow you to organize all the papers you get, also allowing you to keep your desk clear. Even if you work mostly electronically, it is helpful to have storage for any papers you get, and have pens and paper available in case you need them.

If you work from home, you have the chance to make your office into your own special work space—a luxury that those who work in an office building don’t have. Many people who work from home tend to be lazy about their workspace, allowing it to get overrun with clutter, or treating it like any other multi-use room in the home. Those who set aside their home office for a designated workspace are more likely to be more productive. If you’re lazy about your workspace, you’ll likely be lazy in your work. If you want to be a successful at-home worker, it all starts with the workspace.

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