Three Tips to Prevent Mold and Moisture in Winter

Three Tips to Prevent Mold and Moisture in Winter

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    One unexpected visitor during winter is mold.

    It can destroy your lovely furniture and your home in general.


Mold is a fungus considered as a natural decomposer. Usually white in color, mold can arise in moist corners, furniture, even on the Christmas decoration that we only take out once a year.

Oftentimes, we let our decoration sit longer than we need to only to find out that mold has set in. What we do is wipe it off and we think that solves the problem. A few months after, when we’re ready to decorate again, we discover that the molds have grown back over the same spot that is why it is important to know how to prevent their occurrence or reoccurrence. Molds do not only look filthy but they can also cause health problems.

Here are some useful tips to prevent molds in general and especially during winter:

Proper Ventilation and Baking Soda Does the Trick

The key to preventing mold from setting in is proper ventilation and employing other ingredients such as baking soda. There is a reason why exhaust fans are in bathrooms. Exhaust fans and industrial fans are air movers that help prevent the formation of mold. It is not just to prevent odor but to neutralize the moist inside the rooms.

Ventilation fans help circulate the air in the room preventing the accumulation of moist in corners and hard to reach areas. It helps to keep your exhaust fans on after taking a bath so water will evaporate and this will help prevent the growth of unwanted molds and even mushrooms!

Remember that molds result because of dust or grease build up. Using ventilation and exhaust fans while cooking helps prevent the formation of molds as a result of the smoke being produced while cooking. You’ll find that you’ll have to clean less often when there is proper ventilation in the room.

Remember to clean your ventilation fans as well by checking its air filters and have them replaced as soon as needed. It is advisable that once air filters turn gray, they have to be replaced.

What About Baking Soda?

Most of you already know what wonders baking soda can bring. Aside from using it as an ingredient for cooking, baking soda is a hero in cleaning. You can even use it to whiten your teeth. This is because it has antibacterial and antimicrobial elements.

You may not have tried this but if your sofa is light-colored, you can pat on some baking soda on it from time to time to prevent mold growth. You can also do this with your furniture. Brush some baking soda on surfaces that are prone to molds using a paint brush. Remember to do this often if you don’t want to wipe off another batch of mold. If you are not sure how to do it, you can always check the internet.

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Clean on the Spot to be Spot Clean

Have you ever moved your furniture to look for something and you discovered a disgusting sight? A mold colony? We can see this in our furniture or ceilings. Usually in white color and the looks of cotton. Sometimes, cracks on walls allow water to leak in and furniture becomes damp, thus, creating a good environment for mold growth.

It is best to clean roof gutters regularly. When it’s the ceiling that is leaking, it’s probably a roof problem that needs to be solved by a carpenter. Don’t wait any longer to have it fixed and have it repaired before snow starts to appear.

As for the furniture, relocate those that often get damp to dryer places to preserve your furniture. As much as possible, at least once or twice a month, check your sofas, cabinets, beds and drawers for any sign of mold. It’s better to save them from these stuff early so that your investment does not go to waste. You wouldn’t want your precious sofa, the one your saved up for months, to be ruined or to smell bad because of mold, right?

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Turn up the Heat and Insulate

When it’s winter time, make sure that your heater is working to keep indoor humidity low. Check your fireplace if you need extra wood. If it gets cold for a certain day, increase the air temperature in the room. Turn up the heat so as to prevent any unwanted moisture from accumulating.

Identify water pipes and cold surfaces and cover them with insulation. In the basement, checkout to see if there are areas that you need to insulate. Consider crawl spaces with low temperature as these are places where mold will most likely develop.

Mold cannot thrive in hot environments so it is best to pay attention to the room temperature during winter and insulate when necessary. It would be useful to have a wall thermometer and check the temperature from time to time.

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