Preparing Your Septic Tank for Inspection in 3 Easy Steps

Preparing Your Septic Tank for Inspection in 3 Easy Steps


Depending on how often you use water, it is important to have your septic tank checked every once and again to help prevent blockage that may cause unplanned leakages in your home. The most convenient span during which you should have a septic tank inspection is usually three to five years for typical households that use an average of 70 gallons of water per person per day.

Here are some ways you can plan for the inspections to avoid these uncomfortable and embarrassing situations

1. Have the Design Plans Available

Get a copy of the plan of you septic tank. It gives a layout of the tank, shows where it is located and ensures that the process is carried out smoothly by the inspectors as they will be able to identify what they are looking for. This also puts you at a better position as you won’t need to pay extra to have them figure out what they are dealing with.

2. Ensure Easy Access of the Tank

The positioning of the septic tank’s cover may also cause unexpected complications. If the cover of your tank is underground, it is advisable that if you can, you uncover it yourself instead of having a professional do it at an extra fee which may not be on your budget. This will also ensure that the inspectors are not spending much more time on the process than they should.

3. Determine the Problem Areas

Identify the areas that will need urgent attention during this inspection. In case you suspect broken pipes causing leakages, consider this an ideal time to get the issues addressed to avoid additional plumbing costs in the future. Besides, their services may be even more convenient and repairs may not cost as much as they would if you decided to handle them separately.

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To check and fix your septic system, consider inviting a specialist. Professional attention is better than trying to handle it yourself. You may end up causing more damage to your septic system than good as you earlier intended. It sure is a good idea to try doing some of the work yourself but leave the technical work to a certified company. It may seem like an expensive procedure but it sure is worth the shot. When it’s time to get your septic tank inspected, get all the materials you deem necessary, do only what is obvious and approach the most affordable company to handle the exercise.

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