4 Easy Hacks To Help Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Plumbing

4 Easy Hacks To Help Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Plumbing
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    The plumbing system is one of your home’s most important features.

    When a problem arrives, it can cost you a lot of money to repair it.


Rather than wait for trouble to come, you can put your energy into some preventative measures. By doing so, you can actually extend the life of your pipes and fixtures.

1. The Kitchen Sink

Avoid washing food scraps, oils, and fat down your kitchen sink. These substances can clog the drain. In the bathroom you need to avoid rinsing any hair down the drain. Try wiping it out with a damp paper towel instead. You can also purchase drain covers that allow the water to flow through while trapping debris.

2. Fixing A Clog

The goal is to avoid clogged drains, but they do happen from time to time. Use a snake instead of chemical drain cleaners when you do have a clog. Many drain cleaners use harsh chemicals. These can erode pipes made of cast-iron. Snakes are inexpensive, and they are a handy tool to have around. If your clog is not budging, call a professional such as those at Vets 4 You Plumbing Heating & Air.

3. Check Your Pipes And Fixtures

You will want to routinely check your pipes and fixtures as they age for any visible signs of corrosion. When corrosion begins, you may notice a discoloration or green stains on brass or copper pipes. Steel pipes will develop orange or rust colored stains. Have corroded pipes replaced before they turn into larger problems.

4. Water Heater Maintenance

The water heater is often overlooked when performing routine maintenance to your home. When left unattended, hot water tanks can develop a build-up of sediment inside that prevents it from functioning properly. The water heater should be drained at least twice a year to keep this sediment from building up. This is an easy task that can really help make your water heater last a long time as well as run efficiently.

Extending your plumbing system’s life is actually a matter of simple common sense. Once you are in the habit of avoiding clogs in the drains, avoiding harsh chemical drain cleaners, routinely draining the hot water tank, and watching your pipes and fixtures for damage and corrosion, you can enjoy a plumbing system that is problem free and will last for many years to come.



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