8 Steel Siding Design Ideas

8 Steel Siding Design Ideas
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    Steel siding is an underappreciated material, but one that is becoming more common as homeowners realize the benefits.


The days of ugly flat steel siding have long since passed and manufacturers now offer plenty of options for siding that looks anything but industrial or boring.

If you’re considering re-siding your home, looking into steel side may be the best decision you can make.

Why Choose Steel Siding?

There are 4 major advantages to choosing steel siding for you home:

  1. Offers Superior Protection Against the Elements

    Properly installed steel siding can handle pretty much whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. It is the most recommended siding for regions that experience dangerous storms and other extreme weather. It performs well against hail, and neither cold nor heat affects it. Steel is the siding you wish you had if you happen to experience a wildfire in your region.

  2. Very Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting

    Steel siding is hands-down the lowest maintenance yet longest lasting siding material. There is no time wasted re-staining or painting and cleaning off dirt is easy. It is impervious to bugs and wildlife damage. Steel siding often has a lifetime warranty and/or upwards of 50 years against chalking, rust or color fading.

  3. One of the Most Eco-Friendly Options

    Choosing steel has the greatest positive impact on the environment. There are no concerns over questionable sources or damage to nature as there are with wood. Steel siding is 100% recyclable and you can easily find a brand that uses recycled materials, which further reduces environmental impact during the manufacturing process. There are also no health risks with steel as there is with fiber cement.

  4. Great for Noise Polluted Neighborhoods

    The idea that steel is more noisy than other sidings is a myth – it all comes down to insulation. A well-insulated home, especially those with soundproofing walls in place, along with thick steel siding will keep your home quieter than majority of other materials.

Consulting a reputable steel siding manufacturing is the best way to decide whether steel siding is right for your particular needs as a homeowner.

Steel Siding Design Ideas

Steel siding doesn’t limit creativity. Here are 8 exterior home design ideas that look upscale and stunning:

  • Vertical Siding Adds Texture

    Switching from traditional horizontal lay to vertical is an easy but very effective design technique that works well with steel siding. Combining both on a two story+ home is a great way to add texture even while still keeping a monochrome look.

    Image Credit: Buildipedia.com

  • Add Warmth with Stone

    Steel and stone go together very well as it mixes organic with industrial. Stone accents with steel siding gives the home a more rugged or even fotress feel, especially if you opt for dark colors.

  • Matching Siding with Deck Railing

    If you want some more privacy on your deck consider using the same steel siding panels on your home as you do on the railing. This is a great way to keep everything matching, though you certainly could opt for a darker color on the wall and a lighter color on the railing or vice versa.

    Image Credit: TheHouseDesigners.com

  • Stucco and Steel Looks Unique

    Stucco and steel siding can actually look quite stunning when done right, giving the home a rustic southwestern feel. If you live in a hot climate opt for a steel siding that reflects heat and consider a lighter shade to go with the stucco.

  • Keep It Monochrome

    A monochrome exterior can be a very attractive style with steel siding. Some may even take this a step further by keeping a metal roof the same tone as their siding. Incorporating other designs, like vertical and horizontal panels together, can add some character while still keeping the siding the same color.

    Image Credit: Design-Milk.com

  • Go Bold with an Accent Wall

    The practice of adding a bold accent wall to interior design can work equally as well on the exterior. Add color to your property by selecting a bright red, green, or other vibrant shade for one wall while the remaining walls are neutral.

  • Classic Wood Meets Metal

    Wood siding will always be a popular choice, but not always ideal due to maintenance needs. You can find a happy middle-ground and a very inviting look by combining wood siding with metal. This can be done in a two-tone fashion on a two story home or by finishing home attachements/garage in wood while the remaining is steel.

  • Mimic Two Story Height

    Even if you have a one story home you can mimic the look of a two story by using two different colors or shades of siding. One idea is to have the bottom ½ or ¾ of the exterior in a dark brown shade with the remaining upper half in lighter gray or tan shade. Separating the two shades with a deep tinted wood trim will look wonderful.

    Image Credit: CastArchitecture.com

Steel siding is versatile, attractive, and easily one of the strongest materials you can get. With the large array of different colors and even faux wood patterns available now this siding will fit in perfectly in any neighborhood.

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