Upgrade Your Home to Copper Pipes!

Upgrade Your Home to Copper Pipes!
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    Updating your plumbing can seem like a daunting task, but the benefits by far outweigh the effort.

    If you live in an older home in the city, it is most likely that the pipes have never been replaced, and are still using galvanized steel or lead.


If it is time to upgrade your plumbing system, copper pipes are the best choice due to their long lifespan and dependability, lower installation costs, and health consciousness.

If your home was built a long time ago, you may still be using lead pipes, which is a major health concern. The lead from old pipes seeps into the water, making the decision to update your system easy.  Lead pipes were used many years ago because of their long lifespan and malleability, before studies were done to prove the harmful effects of water contaminated with lead.

Copper – The Better Option

Copper pipes are the safer option health wise when you’re looking to upgrade. Copper is  natural, impermeable material that will block contaminates from penetrating it’s walls and seeping into your water supply. Another benefit is that calcium and mineral deposits don’t build up on the insides of the pipes, constricting water supply, as they do with other materials.

Copper tubes don’t require chemical based adhesives to join them together, so the risk of any compounds contaminating your water is eliminated.

Since copper is a malleable material, the pipes are a breeze to install thanks to to their easy handling, shaping and soldering abilities. This also means that often times during installation, the need for elbows and joints are eliminated, which means less moving parts to erode and malfunction over the years.

Copper is also proven to have a lifespan of upwards of 50 years! This means less stress about leaks, it raises the value of your home, and provides you with less maintenance costs over the years.

The Replacement Process

The process of updating to copper pipes may seem like a lot of work, but if you have an experienced professional, the process will be worry-free. A hole is dug at the property line, and then a drilled underground from the basement. Copper pipe is then inserted into the channel and reconnects from the pipe that comes from the city.

The biggest benefit of this, aside from eliminating any health risks from old pipes, is that homeowners in Toronto and other select communities can use the free “lead pipe replacement program”. This program lets homeowners replace that portion at no charge; the only stipulation is that evidence is submitted to the program that proves the portion was upgraded by a licensed contractor such as Mister Plumber in Toronto or other licensed plumbing contractors servicing your area. So simple!

If you’re planning on doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation any time soon, now is the time to look into upgrading your home to copper pipes.  Take advantage of the “lead pipe replacement plan” that’s available to you! Copper pipes are the right choice to be considered, as they guarantee to increase your home’s value, saving you money on maintenance costs, and ultimately protecting you against the harmful effects that your current plumbing system may be emitting.  

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