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5 Tips for Planning a Garden Remodel

Sometimes trimming the hedge and planting a few new colorful flowers simply isn’t enough; you may have decided that what your garden really needs is a complete renovation, on a large scale.

Yard and Garden

5 Fun Projects for Your Yard and Garden

Summer is the ideal time for enjoying everything the great outdoors offers, especially if the sun is shining.


3 Outdoor Projects to Add Value to Your Home!

Tweet Even if you have just a little front- oor backyard, you can transform it into a comfortable and inviting space with minor changes. Not only will this be a

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for July 23: Garden Landscaping

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics on "Garden Landscaping"? How Landscaping Can Increase Value Ideas to Add More Zest to a Boring Yard How Do You Create the Perfect

Garden Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Tips for Summer and Winter

Tweet Preparing them before time will enable you to have beautiful landscaping space with minimal complications. As a matter of fact, proper planning for summer, winter, and spring- plus the

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Apr 02: Time To Spruce Up The Garden

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics on "Garden Maintenance and Design"? Gardening 101: Landscaping and Vegetable Gardening Don’t Need to Be Mutually Exclusive Tips To Choose Best Garden Supplies

Garden Maintenance

Tips To Choose Best Garden Supplies

Tweet In case you want to ensure that your garden remains green and full of life, you ought to ensure that you have all the required garden supplies available in


Spring Is On It’s Way: 4 Tips For Prepping Your Yard For A Summer Of Dreams

Tweet If you really want your home and yard to be perfect and prepared for summer all you have to do is put in some extra effort. With spring and


DIY Landscaping Made Easy

A well landscaped yard can enhance your home and make the backyard a fun place to be again. Planning is essential to a successful and practical landscape project.


Garden Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Tweet The hassle of designing a garden is too much and too costly. If that’s what has been stopping you from stepping outside to make your garden beautiful, then this

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End of Season Garden Bargains for New Homeowners

Tweet Save money on yard and garden purchases. If you’ve moved into a new home since Labor Day, you may find yourself with a challenge: how to handle seasonal lawn

Shopping Ideas

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is upon us. Now is the time to get your outside ready for planting and design for a beautiful summer garden. Jump over to our “Garden Design” center for landscaping and gardening ideas and information: