2017 Landscaping Trends Every Homeowner Should Try

2017 Landscaping Trends Every Homeowner Should Try
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    We are now well into the swing of things with 2017, and the past few months have seen the emergence of some pretty noteworthy landscaping trends.


If you’re looking for ways to set your yard apart from the rest and transform a cookie cutter lawn into a modern oasis, there are a variety of landscaping projects you can undertake this spring. Consider taking on one of the following fantastic landscaping ideas sure to give your front and backyards the facelifts they need.

Water Features

Water features have seen a resurgence in popularity, and making a beautiful water feature the focal point of landscape design can be an easy way to add interest to any yard. The right water-centric additions can add to the appearance of a lush garden, and with modern advancements in water reuse practices, even those living in states currently in drought can try this trend.

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Adding a rain barrel to your backyard can add to a bit of dimension and character. Use a greywater system to recycle water from indoor use to outdoor spectacles.

Smart Lawns

Homeowners are more concerned than ever about wasting precious resources, and in order to minimize the amount of resources used and the output of waste created by outdated landscaping techniques, many homeowners are turning to smart landscaping. There are a multitude of ways residents in all 50 states can transform their yards into sustainable outdoor living spaces.

Using recycled materials during construction, purchasing sustainable outdoor furniture, and seeding native plants in your yard are a great place to start. Landscaping professionals are well-versed in the techniques required to help you reduce your carbon footprint and cut back on waste.

In 2017, investing in sustainable landscaping techniques and materials will see an exponential growth in popularity. Water conservation is more important than ever, and drought-friendly landscaping is now making its way into the yards of homeowners looking to make a significant reduction in resource waste. However, these upgrades can be expensive—luckily, there are plenty of methods and incentives for homeowners looking to incorporate green features both in the yard and in the house.

Companies like Renovate America provide financing to homeowners who can’t afford upfront costs for sustainable home improvement projects. These programs are meant to provide homeowners with the means they need to hire contractors and install energy and water efficient features in their yard. Many homeowners are also able to cash in on lucrative rebates and credits from the federal and state government for their green efforts.

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Embracing Outdoor Living

With temperatures beginning to warm up across the country, many homeowners are looking forward to spring and summer months spent outdoors. This year, outdoor living spaces are getting an overhaul. Creating a comfortable, weather-resistant outdoor space means embracing a variety of techniques.

Homeowners are no longer satisfied with simple George Foreman grills; full-use kitchens are making their way outdoors. Install a fire pit and create a seating area for family and friends to enjoy when you entertain. Add heating lamps to fight the still present winter chill and make sure to add the right lighting features so that the party can last long past sunset.

Bee-Friendly Gardens

The ever dwindling population of bees is a growing concern for citizens across the globe, and researchers are asking homeowners to do their part in combating this worrying trend. Before learning how to help, it’s important to understand why help is needed.

Bees are dying off at alarming rates, thanks to numerous factors including pesticide use and biological threats. Why must we work to save our striped, winged friends? Consider the honeybee. This little insect doesn’t always get the praise it deserves, but it plays an important role in the foods we eat each day. Bees pollinate a third of the foods we eat, and 84 percent of the crops grown for human consumption (almost 400 different plant types) need pollination to increase quality.

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When it comes to bee-positive landscaping, it’s all about maintaining a pollination-friendly ecosystem. Avoid the use of pesticides and look towards plants that produce nectar to attract bees to your garden. Water features like bird baths and ponds can help create a pollinator-friendly yard, so consider the ways you can help draw in and sustain these important creatures.

Be proactive with your landscaping this year and your yard is sure to impress. Keep these trending landscaping features in mind and take on a project that will improve your home immensely.

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