Four Ideas For Improving Landscaping to Sell A Property More Easily

Four Ideas For Improving Landscaping to Sell A Property More Easily
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    First impressions matter, and for home sellers, that means improving the landscape of their property. If done right, it could also mean higher bid prices—by as much as 10 percent.


Nothing is worse than having an incredibly well-outfitted house, but not having the property to match. You may lose some buyers on the walk to the front door, just because of some brown patches in the lawn or a dead shrub.  Going the extra mile in caring for the yard and landscaping can make a very big difference in your ability to sell a home, and it does not have to empty your wallet or purse.  Consider some of the following ideas to improve your home’s stead as a hot property on the market.


A little care here and there goes a long way. Remove container plants that feature wilting or dead plants. If there are no plants at all, set them out for a splash of color and a taste of possibilities. Sellers can engage buyers by providing labels for each plant or a scrapbook plant directory. If there is enough time, also plant flowers that match the look of the home. Focus on house entrances and exits. Also pour a fresh layer of mulch wherever you have mulch. Prune and trim trees and bushes where necessary.

Coloring Fun

Coloring really is important, so if you use container plants, also think about the color of the pots. Pick them consciously and go with only one or two. Too many small pots and too much clutter is a turnoff. Even better, choose pots with unusual or distinctive shapes.

Patio furniture and other outdoor items may also need repainting and fresh color. Accessories such as pillows, cushions and tables can create a picture-perfect scene. Painting or replacing a white door is also great way to add a focal point and a sharp look.

Remember Water Issues

Remove algae and leaves, and clean or replace filters so water looks clean and clear. If there are outstanding irrigation problems, they need to be repaired and should not be a buyer’s responsibility. Running the irrigation system during a home showing can be a great idea to show prospective buyers it works well. Above all, take care of faucet leaks. Not only do they look bad, they may make buyers think there are other issues with the house.

If advance notice of a home showing is provided, watering the yard and driveway reduces the glare of the pavement and makes flowers look extra fresh.

A power washer can also make gritty and dirty surfaces sparkle like they’re new. They’re also helpful on fences and siding.

Get Help

A homeowner unsure about landscape improvements should get consultations from landscape designers or other experts. These people can peg trouble spots and give suggestions in a very short time for a reasonable fee. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from all angles. From the friendly employee and the local nursery to the seller at your sod farm, you can get help from many knowledgeable sources!

Investing in landscape improvements is a wise decision that is likely to bring financial rewards. Start as early as possible and make the landscape shine. You will be happy when you see potential buyers not only getting past the front yard, but doing so with a smile!

Rianne Hunter is an independent writer, wife, and mother of three fun children.  She recommends planning far ahead for your BC turf installation needs, and contacting quality and helpful growers such as Western Turf Farms Ltd..

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