Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioners

Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioners
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    In many countries when summer starts, the temperature goes to extreme.

    In order to protect themselves from the scorching heat, many people have air conditioners in their home.


It is true that the right combination of technology and product can be a great relief such as an air conditioner, but air conditioners can be very expensive too. Electricity bills and fluctuation is not really in ones’ control, but what can be controlled is the efficiency of the air conditioner. You can actually cool down your room or home without spending too much money.

Tips on How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

  • Maintain cleanliness around condenser unit:

    The outdoor unit can work at its best if it is kept clean without any dust or debris. To have a thorough deep cleaning you can also have a professional doing the job since he knows the best techniques and has the requisite skills.

  • Keep the vents always unblocked:

    When you clear out the dust and debris from the indoor supply vents it will enable a steady airflow from the air conditioner. Make sure that things like toys, furniture etc .are kept away from the system. Vacuum the dust for a thorough cleaning.

  • Go for attic ventilation:

    Attic ventilation actually provides better cooling but many people neglect this idea. When an air conditioner is fixed at the attic it can work more efficiently. Proper placement and having the size of your roof checked is very important if you consider attic ventilation.

  • Make sure that the fins of the air conditioner are in good condition:

    Fins of the air conditioner can most of the time be closed. This does not allow proper air flow into the unit.

  • Increase temperature settings:

    When you are not at home or during the night you can increase the temperature setting so that the cooling is not wasted. Almost nine degrees of the thermostat will be saved during hot climate.

  • Protect the air conditioner:

    Make sure that your air conditioner is shaded or not exposed to extreme light. You can shade it by installing a cover so that the sun’s heat is blocked.

  • Use of ceiling fans:

    Instead of making the air conditioner run constantly for a long time, you can turn the ceiling fan on and the AC off so the cold air can circulate throughout the room. You can set the ceiling fan low too.

  • Check for air leaks:

    If you have any walls that have holes and can let the air penetrate then make sure that you seal the air leaks. When hot air comes through even a small passage it can make your air conditioner run for a longer time than necessary.

  • Keep heat producing appliances away:

    If you have any heat producing appliances such as lamps, keep them away from the thermostat as the heat produced from such appliances will make the air conditioner run for an unnecessarily longer time, resulting in wastage of electricity.

  • New conservative air conditioners:

    If you still feel that your air conditioner is not working up to the mark, then you always have an option of buying a new one. AC’s that were manufactured years ago may turn out to be ineffective. As the technology grows, we should also keep up our pace with it.

    In today’s world split air conditioners tend to work the best instead of window air conditioners. You can go for a brand that you trust. Ask your friends and family on which one to buy. Choose a reliable brand that can give comfort for a long time.

For more information, you can search through online portals, to get ideas about air conditioners system.



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