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Heating and Cooling

6 Important Tips for Hiring the Best Air Conditioning Repair Expert

The emergence of technology has not only made life easier but also safer and healthier; one of such everyday example of how technology affects our lives in different ways is air conditioning.

Heating and Cooling

Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioners

In many countries when summer starts, the temperature goes to extreme. In order to protect themselves from the scorching heat, many people have air conditioners in their home.

Heating and Cooling

Quick Checklist: Ways to stop your air conditioning breaking down in summer

If you have spent money on an air conditioning system the last thing you want to happen is for it to break down in summer. This is the time when you are likely to need your air conditioning most and you do not want to be left sweltering in the heat because it’s not working as it should.

Heating and Cooling

How to do Air Conditioner Maintenance Work

Maintaining your air conditioner will not only save you money and energy but will also prolong its lifespan. A huge saving will be on the money saved on repair and service parts replacements.

Energy Savings

5 Renovations That Shrink Your Energy Bill

Last year, U.S. residential energy consumption totaled 1,415 billion kilowatt hours. Of that, 13 percent went towards space cooling, 11 percent to lighting, and 9 percent to space heating. On average, U.S. homes spend over $111 a month on electricity.