Home Renovation: Hiring Pros vs. DIY

Home Renovation: Hiring Pros vs. DIY
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    Hardly anybody is willing to give up a bag full of money for home renovation if there is an option for doing the work themselves.


But before you head off for that toolbox and those building materials, you need to keep in mind that in some cases, home refurbishments can be dangerous, and in others you may cause harm which will be more costly to repair in the long run.

So, which tasks should you hire a professional to do, and which can you handle safely by yourself? To answer this – you should answer some of the following questions beforehand:

Will it be worth the effort and time spent for DIY as compared to hiring a pro?

Yes, you are likely to save money by handling some home renovation projects on your own, but do you actually have the time and energy to complete it in the foreseeable future, or is it going to go on for days, weeks and months? Such a project may make your house or part of it actually unusable for a long period of time.

Tasks, such as uninstalling your kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new ones can be quite time consuming if you do not have the experience. Others, such as re-painting a room you can probably accomplish for a day or two. So, make sure you think about the time you have before making the decision about who does the refurbishments at home.

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Do you know how much the renovation materials will actually cost?

Keep in mind that usually pros are able to get discounts and better pricing for the building and other materials. Think about any local salvage stores or reuse centers where you can get the materials cheaper. Make sure you do the math before deciding whether to hand the job to a pro, or proceed to do it yourself!

What are the risks involved?

Are you going to be handling electricity, gas or water pipes, or removing asbestos, and will you need to be climbing on the roof or working at big heights or other potentially dangerous conditions?

Do you have the appropriate safety boots for the job to avoid the dangers of slipping, tripping or dropping something heavy on your feet? Steel toe work boots are of the utmost importance for those of you working with heavy equipment and electrical hazard rated boots are good for electrical work.

Are you planning to knock a wall down or converting roof space? You should measure the risks carefully, in order to prevent serious and even fatal injuries, as well as to protect your property from explosions, fire and other costly damage before going ahead with your DIY home improvement project.

Do you know your local building codes and which works require a permit? It is crucial to check your local building codes, and if certain work requires a permit, then make sure you adhere to the regulations and hire a pro to handle the job for you.

Do you actually have the tools, knowledge and experience to complete the renovation project?

Ensure that you are well aware of all the steps you need to take in order to complete the project, as well as know which kinds of tools and equipment you will need for all procedures involved.

You may be pretty sure in your own abilities, but be honest – are you really skilled and experienced enough to handle this type of refurbishment? If you do not have the tools, you may be able to rent them.

If you get stuck in the middle of a project, you may be forced to hire a pro to repair your mistakes and complete the project which can turn out to cost even more than hiring one in the first place. Again, do the math before making this decision – it can save you a lot of time, effort, money and frustration!



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