Remodel Mistakes: Top Things to Watch Out for When Renovating Your Home

Remodel Mistakes: Top Things to Watch Out for When Renovating Your Home
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    When remodeling a home, there are many different complications that may come up.

    Some of these problems are unavoidable, but many can be circumvented with proper planning.


Here are four of the top things you should be watching out for when you start in on a major home renovation project.

  • Projects That Will Spawn Other Projects

    The best way to lay out a renovation project is to start with a very clear idea of exactly what you plan to do. Some projects, however, don’t end, but simply spawn more projects.

    Consider, for example, a basic kitchen remodel that starts with simply replacing cabinets and applying some fresh paint. Once those two things have been done, the flooring and counters may no longer match the recently-updated elements of the kitchen, prompting you to replace those as well.

  • Proper Building Permits

    Some home projects, especially more cosmetic ones, can be done without the need for a building permit. Others, however, will require authorization from municipal officials. Be sure you know exactly what you can do without a building permit and secure one when you do need it. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself open to a world of regulatory trouble.

  • Making Too Many Supply Runs

    One of the biggest mistakes DIY enthusiasts make when tackling a home renovation project is buying the supplies they need a little at a time. This presents several problems, including the possibility of your local hardware store running out of materials you need, increased cost for not being able to buy in bulk and more time spent on supply runs than is remotely necessary. Instead, try to buy all of the materials you’ll need to complete your project at the outset, as this will save you time, money and frustration.

  • Neglecting Safety Considerations

    Another common problem people run into when remodeling is making a project look great while failing to consider safety. When putting in a brand-new log burning fireplace, for example, most amateur renovators wouldn’t even think of installing a home sprinkler system, such as those from Nor Cal Fire Protection, for fire protection. This problem can be especially critical in projects that involve structural renovations, as these could present a very real danger if done incorrectly.

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When you are tackling your own renovation project, try to avoid all of these costly mistakes. Any one of them will make your project far more complicated than it really needs to be, and multiple mistakes in tandem will simply become unbearably frustrating. Try to streamline your project and take everything into account before you start, and you should experience a fairly smooth remodel.

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