Renovating, Remodel, Repair: Cost-Efficient Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Renovating, Remodel, Repair: Cost-Efficient Ways to Spruce Up Your Home
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    Remodeling your home can be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the financial burden.


Here are several tips for sprucing up your home without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Most people only see dollar signs when someone tells them to upgrade their kitchen. And, yes, it can be expensive. But, according to many real estate professionals, like Alan De Maid, a kitchen remodel can be worth the investment.

For a few minor expense, you can replace the faucet set, add some new cabinet handles, and update some old lighting fixtures with something a bit more energy efficient.

If your budget is a bit larger, you can remake the cabinets themselves. Instead of buying entirely new cabinets, hire someone to reface them. There are many remodeling companies out there that can take the doors and drawers off of your existing framework and refinish them. They add new doors and drawer faces, new hardware, finish them off nicely and reinstall them.

If you’re a DIY kind of person, buy your own replacement doors and front facias and do the job yourself. That will save you on the cost of labor.

Clean and Update Your Appliances

Your kitchen appliances don’t match now – that’s OK. Order new doors or a face panel for them. This is especially important if you’re looking to sell your property. While many buyers will make an offer on a home without matching appliances, it definitely looks better if everything is uniform.

Most of the time, all that’s needed is to unscrew a few screws, and slide the panels on existing appliances off. Then, pop the new panels into place and secure them.

If your kitchen floor is looking a little worse for wear, you could also tear that up and replace it, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Shop around for discount or remnant materials.

Finally, clean up the place. Many your kitchen just needs a deep clean. Hire a professional cleaner to come in and really go to town on the room. You’ll be surprised by what’s awaiting you under all of those years of dirt, grime, and grease.

Buff The Bath

Old bathrooms are unattractive. But, they’re also easy to update. Take out the old sink and put in a pedestal one. Replace the toilet seat. These kinds of jobs are easy for almost any homeowner, and they don’t take long to do. And, they don’t cost a lot of money. Since you’re not fiddling with the plumbing, you don’t need a professional.

Replace your old, discolored, flooring with easy-to-apply vinyl tiles or a vinyl sheet. You can also update the window treatments if you’re willing to shop around discount or outlet stores to save some money.

Let There Be Light

Add more light. Almost every room in the house can benefit from more light. Dark rooms feel cramped, and that’s no good when it comes to showing a property to buyers. One thing you can do to increase the appeal of their home is to open up the house and create more natural and artificial light.

Now, knocking down walls might seem like an expensive job, but it’s not. As long as you investigate your home’s blueprints, and make sure you’re not taking down a load-bearing wall, you can take a sledgehammer to almost any wall and pull the drywall off. Bring in an electrician to move any electrical business, and start knocking down the studs yourself.

Of course, when you’re done, you’ll have to fill in the flooring. If it’s hardwood floor, you’re in for a challenge – matching can be difficult. If you have carpet, the solution is easy. Tear up the carpet and lay down new threads. It might cost a little more money to do it this way, but it’s cheaper than buying an entire hard wood floor.

You could also lay down an area rug, which would be even cheaper.

Install more lighting fixtures or buy more lamps. Use bright LED light bulbs in the 4000K range to save yourself on energy costs without sacrificing light.

Finish The Basement

Finishing a basement can be a major improvement. And, while many basement jobs do run over, you can do it on the cheap if the foundation is already sound, you have a concrete floor, and you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. Fortunately, the job (mostly) consists of putting up finishing materials like drywall and carpet. Then, add furnishing, and you’re done. Send the kids down there to play, or escape to the basement yourself when you need a little peace and quiet.

Declan Kemp has been providing home maintenance services for many years and likes to share his tips for homeowners who want to keep their property in top shape. He writes regularly for a variety of DIY and property websites.



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