Protecting Your Home From A Fire

Protecting Your Home From A Fire
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    Every year, fires in the US kill more than 3,000 people and injure approximately 16,000 individuals, on top of a massive $12 billion direct property losses.

    Needless to say, young and old alike suffer this sad fate.


Not only that, firefighters who quickly respond to fire alarm systems pay a high price in their attempt to save lives, with about 100 of them who die on duty each year.

It may seem inevitable, but there are many ways to prevent its occurrence especially right from your own home. Your family’s safety is surely your best interest. Understanding the causes, knowing the best practices and devices to put in place, and implementing the ideal building materials for a fire-resistant home can be your best line of defense.

What are the Common Causes of Fires?

First and foremost, prevention is always better than cure. We blow candles, check the stove, turn off strings of lights, yet fires still happen. Why? Fires can be due to various reasons including triggers that can easily be overlooked:

  1. Electricity –
    Faulty electrical outlets, neglected appliances, exceeding wattage supply, outdated breakers, and space heaters.
  2. Clutter and Rubbish –
    Improperly discarded matches or cigarettes, accumulated amounts of paper and almost anything that can easily burn and spread fire when stockpiled in storage areas.
  3. Hazardous Materials –
    Storing candles, chemicals, flammable liquids, and other sorts of hazardous goods is risky in any kind of environment.

Healthy Habits for A Safer Place

At the end of a long day and wherever you may be, setting aside a bit of your time for safety precautions is always worth it. Make a good habit out of what can be done to avoid the common causes of fires:

  1. Turn off appliances not only before sleeping, but every time an electric device is not in use.
  2. Keep heat-producing equipment like computers away from any object that can burn.
  3. Routinely maintain electrical systems and check all components for damaged or exposed wiring.
  4. Do not overload circuits and misuse extension cords.
  5. Install fire alarm systems and have an escape plan in case it makes the warning sound.

Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

Fires can take place anytime during the day or during the wee hours of night. A fire extinguisher within reach, sprinkler and smoke alarm are best installed at home. In turn, you get to have a peaceful sleep knowing at the back of your mind that you will be alerted of any danger. An early warning device is essential to life safety in many ways:

Fire Alarm System Help Save a Historic New Orleans Home — ADT Customer Stories:

  • The few minutes heads up can mean the thin line between life and death. You and your family can get out before the fire spreads out of control.
  • A fire alarm system automatically calls key contacts, thus minimizing the response time from the fire brigade, police, or medical services. First aid and emergency medical help can be quickly provided for to those in need.
  • Advanced technology detects fires early in its development, then immediately informs firemen exactly where to go to deal with the source of the fire in the soonest time.
  • An effective alarm network and not just a local alarm makes a big difference, since connectivity cuts back on any second of valuable time wasted unlike having to wait for someone to actually discover the fire.
  • The likelihood of property loss is reduced. It takes too much time and money to recover from a fire, and investing in complete fire safety equipment can save you from this devastating event in life.

Building a Fire-Resistant Home

Well-constructed houses founded on fire-resistant materials can greatly help prevent fire tragedies. The best construction aids home builders use that are highly efficient include:

  • Roofing –
    Concrete is among the top choices for its noncombustible property and low thermal conductivity. Roofs can also be done with metal or various types of tiles. Stucco is quite popular as a practical way to protect homes from fires without sacrificing beauty and style.
  • Siding –
    Fire-safe siding on walls can be any of non-flammable materials such as stucco, stone, brick, and fiber-cement.
  • Interior –
    Gypsum board or drywall is the most common fire-resistant finish in home interiors, which comprises a layer of specially treated gypsum sandwiched in between two sheets of paper.
  • Windows –
    In addition to giving energy efficiency benefits, contemporary windows double the time a fire would take to break into the glass to minimise fire from blowing up further. The heat-treated tempered glass is about 4x stronger compared to regular glass. The wired glass type, which is tempered glass reinforced with metal wires are also highly effective for fire prevention.
  • Doors –
    Same with windows, the wired glass option provides fire-resistive qualities to doors and entryways. Metal cores are also good investments which are reliable protectors along with fire alarm systems against the vast spreading of fire.

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