Protect Your Investment with Flooding and Temperature Protection

Protect Your Investment with Flooding and Temperature Protection
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    A total and comprehensive household security system does not stop at just making sure that you are secure from intruders and burglars ...

    ... it can also help to notify you of potential threats via environmental means too.


For example, if a tap has been left running or there are extreme changes in temperature towards hot and cold, as extremes of these temperatures can have a significant negative impact on the structure of your home. This can then have the added effect of causing pipes to burst as well as causing the malfunctioning of household appliances, all of which has the potential to cause you severe financial and emotional problems.

Be Aware Of Potential Problems

There is one easy way that you can avoid these kinds of problems, and that is to make sure that you are aware of any potential threat before it gets out of hand. This can help to avoid the kinds of costly and stressful problems that can arise from environmental catastrophes as well as human error.

There are now a number of new products that you can install into your home as a way of circumventing any potential problems. The home security alarm market is now seeing a huge increase in the number of temperature and flooding monitors, thanks in most part to the latest in technological advances.

These monitoring systems can alert you to a whole host of different problems, be it, fire and smoke, an increase in humidity, water seepage and even flooding.

Be Prepared For Temperature Changes

One of the most crucial aspects to the implementation of this kind of product is the detection of a sudden drop in temperature. It is important for home owners to be made aware of freezing conditions as this can alert them to the possibility of the pipes in their home bursting due to the freezing temperatures.

When water turns into ice it can actually expand by as much as 10 times its original mass and of course this expansion will require extra space, if there is no extra space then the pressure will build up and something will have to give. That something will be the water pipe, when the integrity of the pipe has been compromised it will then expel countless gallons of water into your home.

An alarm that alerts you to freezing conditions consists of a sensor that contains a thermometer, along with an alarm and an automated dialer. So when the temperature falls below a certain temperature, which will have been preset by the user, the alarm will sound or the auto-dialer will alert the homeowner via an automated phone call.

As well as being able to alert you to the problems of freezing temperatures, the alarm system can also alert you when the temperature rises as well. This can be handy if you wish to monitor an elderly relative or if you have greenhouses or wine stored in a wine cellar.

The system will normally call only one specific telephone number; however, some systems allow more than one number to be dialed. These numbers will continue to be dialed at specific intervals until they are acknowledged.

The cost of any kind of water damage can run into the thousands and is not something that any homeowner would want to experience. Flooring, carpeting, walls, insulation and home electrical equipment can all fall victims to flooding and it will not take long for the costs to mount up. However, if you have a fully equipped security system complete with temperature and moisture monitoring then you may be able to avoid this type of disaster in your home.

Jim Dalton provides expert advice about home security systems Vancouver. He has several years experience in the safety and security industry and has contributed to many online publications.



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