7 Tips for Turning Your Attic into a Living Space

7 Tips for Turning Your Attic into a Living Space
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    Do you have an open, spacious and underutilized attic in your home that you're itching to convert into a new living space?

    Perhaps you want to build an office or would like a reading den. Maybe it can be a game room for the kids.


Here are 7 tips for turning your attic into a multipurpose living space.

1. Talk to a contractor about the magic number 7 and get the ball rolling.

There are a few numbers to become familiar with before embarking on an attic conversion. You will need 70 square feet of floor space, and the height of more than half the room should reach 7.5 feet high. Also, the length and width dimensions should be a minimum of 7 x 10 feet. In addition, ask a contractor if the ceiling and floor were constructed for safe, everyday use.

2. Carpets are comfortable and cost-effective.

Adding a carpet has a few benefits. They will keep you from walking on a freezing floor in winter, and are cheaper to install and maintain than hardwood. Also, carpets add a cozy element to a room.

3. Design the room around one large window and/or multiple smaller windows.

A large bay window is a nice way to receive ambient light. Skylights will also add extra brightness from above, and will be lovely at night. For a job well-done, you should rely on a window company that you trust like Gilkey Windows who have been in business for over 30 years.

4. Construct a staircase design that best fits your house size, layout and budget.

Staircases take up a lot of space, so pick a design that will best suit your needs. For instance, a winding staircase will take up less space than a straight flight. The design you choose should also suit your budget, as materials vary in price.

5. Pick furniture that fits the scale of the room.

Choosing large pieces can be overwhelming in a small room, and visa-verse. Base your largest pieces of furniture around the room’s size. Also, incorporate furnishings of various sizes to add depth and make accents stand out. You don’t want to go with furniture that blends or stand out too much. Just something that compliments the room nicely.

6. Add mirrors to visually enhance the size of the room.

Mirrors make small spaces feel larger. Placing them across from windows will also catch the light while reflecting the natural beauty outside. Just be sure that the mirrors are three-quarters the length of the wall.

7. Extra lights, both overhead and accents, will create a soft and cozy ambiance.

In addition to windows, add superficial light for extra brightness during the day. Overhead lamps will distribute light uniformly, while dimmers add a romantic softness. When choosing bulbs, keep in mind that LEDs, followed by CFLs, are the most energy-efficient options on the market.

The attic can turn into a nice additional room when all is said and done. Paying attention to the materials used and design techniques will help to cut corners. And don’t forget to have a professional contractor assess the safety of the room, first.

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