6 Home Maintenance Projects to Leave to Professionals

6 Home Maintenance Projects to Leave to Professionals
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    The joys of home ownership are wonderful until the repairs and maintenance problems creep up from nowhere.

    Before taking on a mortgage, leaky ceilings and broken locks were problems left for the landlord or housing office to handle. Now they are for you to fix.

    But before logging into YouTube and watching DIY videos, keep in mind that some issues are best left to the professionals.


Hiring a professional can be expensive, but so is dealing with the aftermath of shoddy, inexperienced work. In addition to buying tools, you may still need to hire a professional after failing to fix the problem on your own. And then the problem may be significantly worse. These six home maintenance projects are among those best left to the professionals.

  • 1. Leaky pipes require more than the twist of a wrench

    A clogged pipe is easy to fix. Usually, all you need is a plunger and a store-bought liquid. But leaky pipes left over time, or mistreated, can lead to flooding and water damage. This is a job best left for a plumber. Also, certain jobs (like moving pipes or adding lines) require permits.
  • 2. Electricity can cause serious bodily and property damage

    While getting shocked due to inexperience is unpleasant, it is also the least of your worries when fixing an electrical problem. Don’t risk getting electrocuted, wiping out the electricity entirely, or causing a fire.
  • 3. Pest control requires more than setting up a trap or two

    Traps and pesticides are not always the answer. An exterminator will determine the extent of your issue, use chemicals that work without being harmful to you, your children or pets, and will prevent the creepy crawlies from returning.
  • 4. Replacing gutters may seem easy but not when you’re falling from several feet above the ground

    Gutters prevent rotted siding, basement flooding and landscape ruin. Normally, they only need to be cleaned, and if you’re agile on a ladder then go for it (while being careful). If you are living in your family home, however, you may need to get them replaced. Companies like the Gutter Magician NKY will replace your gutters for you and ensure that the new gutters are built to elude debris accumulation.
  • 5. Windows are aesthetically and functionally important to get right

    Windows are an investment that can make your home look ten years older or younger. Installing the right options now will make your home more attractive when the time comes to sell, so it’s important to know which are the best. Also, altering the opening to admit the new window may be harder than you think.
  • 6. Like gutter replacement, the elevation in roofing is a liability.

    According to statistics, 3/4 of roofing fatalities occur from falling. The statistic alone should be enough of a reason to call a professional and buy insurance.

In addition to professionals being equipped with the credentials and proper tools, they also should have insurance. This way, you are not liable for any injuries that happen while they are on the job and you can rest assured that the work will be done and be done right and to your specifications.

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