Safety First: The Most Dangerous Repairs to Do Alone

Safety First: The Most Dangerous Repairs to Do Alone
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    Having someone else around while doing repair work can often make the job go quicker. In some cases, though, it can be a lifesaver.


There are some fix-it tasks that really require a partner who can provide or summon help if an emergency arises. Broadly speaking, if the repair involves electricity, heavy objects, or being high off the ground, it’s best to have a helper. Here are some prime examples.


That a steep roof is dangerous to work on seems pretty obvious, but even a low-pitched roof can be more hazardous than it appears. It might seem fairly safe to walk on, but most roof repairs are forced by deteriorating shingles. When shingles go bad, the weather-proof granules on the top layer detach from the asphalt and create a loose surface that that can send you sliding right off. There’s a good chance you won’t be in any condition to even make an emergency call. Make sure you have help on the ground and with the ladder.

Major Appliances

The basic danger presented by devices like ovens or refrigerators is their weight. Even if you’re aware that they’re too heavy for you to move by yourself to perform repairs, there’s still the temptation of thinking you can lift each end separately to insert casters. This can still be enough to injure your back. If you’re trying to lift up one end of a fridge, there’s the added threat of tipping it over on you. This is where an extra pair of hands is necessary.

Car Repairs

Doing repair work on cars isn’t usually dangerous. When you have to raise the vehicle, though, like with tire replacement, or some types of oil changes, the situation changes dramatically. Standard jacks can tip over even if the car is on a slightly uneven surface. Having a wheel hub land on your foot during regular auto repair in Coquitlam can make calling for help on your own a bit difficult.

Electrical Repairs

As with roofs, the idea here is to have someone else who can get help if needed. With the power shut off, there’s not much danger. When the wiring’s been replaced, though, and the power’s back on, you might find out you made a mistake when you get shocked. Always be careful when doing anything with electrical equipment.

It’s easy to underestimate the threats hidden in some repair jobs. These cases show that even if you can do the work alone, it’s still best to have someone else to deal with the situation when you’re unable to. It’s another example of strength in numbers and that sometimes two heads are better than one.

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