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Home Maintenance

Weather All the Storms: 4 Home Updates to Prevent Weather Damage

A storm can cause an unbelievable amount of damage in a very short period of time, and that is why you must get your home ready for severe weather.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for May 26: Don’t Mess Up Your Home Maintenance: 4 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this old proverb holds very true when it comes to your home.

Home Improvements

Key Ideas for Maintaining and Upgrading Your Home

If you are a home owner then you should know the importance and benefits of home improvement. First let us define what is home improvement.


4 Things You Need to Do to Prepare Your Home for Your Christmas Party

Tweet Whether you’re hosting a holiday party for your friends and family or you’re hosting your company’s annual holiday party at your home, you have quite a bit of prep

Home Maintenance

6 Essential Parts of Annual Home Maintenance

Tweet Taking the time once a year to check and repair key systems can help you keep your home in top shape in a cost-effective way. 1. Find and Repair

Home Maintenance

How to do a House Makeover as The Kids Grow Up

Tweet You always makeover your house with so much love and passion. This becomes so much more important when there is a young one in the family. You would be

Home Maintenance

Handsome Home: 4 Items You Need to Complete a Successful Facade Makeover

Tweet When you want to save time, effort, and money, it is worthwhile to invest in useful home maintenance tools to get the job done right the first time. A

Exterior Home

4 Less-Common House Problems and How to Handle Them

Tweet There are a number of problems that you may never even notice until it’s too late. Here are four unusual but serious issues you should check. contractor evaluation sheet

Home Repairs

How to Avoid Six of the Most Common House Emergencies

Tweet One of the main things to do is keep a list of emergency phone numbers handy so you have someone to call if something does go wrong. Roof Leaks

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance: 4 Ways to Maintain and Upkeep Your Property

Tweet Here are four quick and easy maintenance tips that will allow you to keep your home ownership costs to a minimum while ensuring that your property is as safe

Home Repairs

6 Home Maintenance Projects to Leave to Professionals

Tweet Hiring a professional can be expensive, but so is dealing with the aftermath of shoddy, inexperienced work. In addition to buying tools, you may still need to hire a

Quick Checklist Seasonal Maintenance

Quick Checklist:     Time for Summer Service: 5 Essential Home Maintenance Tips

Tweet In this article, we’re going to give you the five best and most essential tips for summer home maintenance. HVAC System Due to the unfortunate fact that the warm

Home Repairs

Five Home Repairs You Should Never Attempt On Your Own

Tweet Even if you consider yourself a handy person, trying to fix every repair job in your home can turn into a costly and potentially disastrous mistake. Certain repairs need

Home Maintenance

Must-Know Repair Tips for Living in an Older Apartment

An easy way to make living in an older apartment more bearable is by learning a few do-it-yourself techniques. This way you can keep your frugal lifestyle and won’t have to bother with a technician or landlord every time something goes wrong.

Home Renovation

How to Make Your Home Better With Passing Time

Tweet With passing time, it is natural that some aspects of your house will see wear and tear. The initial brightness will be dulled. With proper maintenance and care, you

Home Maintenance

DIY Maintenance for 5 Areas in the Home

You can lower your utility bill and avoid some costly repair bills by performing some DIY maintenance in various areas of your home.

Home Maintenance

Call The Experts: Home Projects You Should Not Attempt To Do Yourself

With massive amounts of information available at their fingertips, homeowners everywhere are rolling up their sleeves and bravely taking on their own major home renovations. However, there are some projects that truly require the skill and vast knowledge of a pro.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tips for 2014 – Avoiding the Big Ticket Expenditures

April is here, and many of us might have already started dreaming about spring and summer. Whatever said and done, most of us tend to hate winter because of the woes that it brings along.

Home Repairs

Six Common Home Repairs That Must Be Handled Quickly to Avoid Disaster

Your home is an expensive investment that must be properly maintained. By ignoring or putting off signs of problems within the home, you can end up with a costly, messy disaster.

Seasonal Maintenance

Reminder: Midwinter Home Maintenance Checkup

Tweet But winter does not mean a complete rest from your home maintenance work as several problems could be looming just out of sight. Let’s take a look at a