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4 Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Flooring Beautiful

Tweet Some of these advantages include increasing home resale value, requiring less maintenance, and enhancing the natural feel of your home. However, it’s essential to follow a few tips to

Home Repairs

4 Ways to Prepare for Lengthy Property Repairs

If you have been living in your home for a while, it’s normal to consider starting a few repair projects eventually.

Home Repairs

6 Overlooked Repairs in an Older Home

Older homes need a lot of tender care to stay in shape. Unfortunately, they often require maintenance, and you might overlook some critical areas.

Plumbing and Wiring

How to Care for a Home With a Septic Tank Installed

If you’re a homeowner in an unincorporated area, you rely heavily on your septic system. It’s your personal sewage system, and letting it fall into disrepair can have catastrophic consequences.

Home Inspections

Why It’s Important to Have a General Home Inspection Every Few Years

Many of us are familiar with the concept of getting a home inspection when we first purchase a home. However, you don’t hear many people talk about getting a general home inspection after the fact.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance to Consider When You Live in a Humid Climate

Dry air is not healthy when breathed in. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the house humid to moisten the air. However, when there is too much moisture, like in high humidity areas, it can lead to certain problems.


Why Waterproof Your Basement Before Winter Sets In

When the snow and ice melts, your basement can flood if you haven’t had it properly sealed. This is especially likely if there is visible damage such as cracks or ill-fitting seals around your windows.

Seasonal Maintenance

4 Renovations to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Weather

As a homeowner, heavy weather can be quite intimidating. After all, you never know what type of damage heavy weather may cause.

Home Foundation

From the Ground Up: Signs of Structural Damage to Watch Out for in Your Home

Owning a home is a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility is taking care of the structure and performing maintenance and repairs when needed.

Home Foundation

What Happens If You Don’t Repair Your Home Foundation

Many people try to wait to get their foundation repaired. It can be expensive to get your foundation repaired. However, you do not want to wait too long.

Home Repairs Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for June 21: 4 Home Repairs That are Better to Do During Summer

Though there’s always a project to do around the house at all times of the year, there are some home repair projects that are best done during summer when the weather is warm.

Home Foundation

How to Recognize the Structural Damage in Your Basement Foundation

Foundation damage is a common issue that must be addressed immediately if you want to avoid bigger problems later on.

Exterior Home

4 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Chores You Shouldn’t Ever Skip

With winter just a distant memory, you’re probably itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Before you can relax, though, there are some important tasks you need to attend to.

Seasonal Maintenance

How to Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Hot Summer

As the summer months approach, you need to think about ways you can prepare your home for the summer heat.

Home Repairs Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 01: Take Steps to Ensure You Don’t Have to Use Your Home Insurance Anytime Soon

Although they may not be the first thing that you notice when looking at a home, gutters are a very important part of protecting the outside of your home.

Home Maintenance

Weather All the Storms: 4 Home Updates to Prevent Weather Damage

A storm can cause an unbelievable amount of damage in a very short period of time, and that is why you must get your home ready for severe weather.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for May 26: Don’t Mess Up Your Home Maintenance: 4 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this old proverb holds very true when it comes to your home.

Home Improvements

Key Ideas for Maintaining and Upgrading Your Home

If you are a home owner then you should know the importance and benefits of home improvement. First let us define what is home improvement.


4 Things You Need to Do to Prepare Your Home for Your Christmas Party

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning your annual holiday party.

Home Maintenance

6 Essential Parts of Annual Home Maintenance

Taking care of your home is an essential part of ensuring your peace of mind as well as your financial investment. While you can never fully prepare for unexpected issues, annual preventive maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of problems and equipment failures.