Weekly Tip for June 26: Four Pests You Never Want to See Invading Your Home

<span>Weekly Tip for June 26:</span> Four Pests You Never Want to See Invading Your Home
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    The thought of sharing your home with pests is enough to make your skin crawl.

    They are very sneaky when it comes to invading our homes without us realizing.

    While some pests are just annoying, others can do damage to your home or to your health.


That’s why it is important to get rid of them as soon as you realize there is a potential problem.

  • 1. Termites

    Termites can cause some serious damage to your home. Unfortunately, most insurances won’t cover damage caused by termites, and they are difficult to exterminate. They also are one of the most costly pests.

    Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the structure of your home.

    Often times, termites can go unnoticed for years. By that time, they have done serious damage to your home. They can cause permanent damage to your wooden floors, walls and the structure of your home.

  • 2. Carpenter Ants

    Ants might not seem like a big deal, but carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage to your home. They can hollow out lumber in order to nest inside.

    Carpenter ants are considered wood destroyers.

    If you notice wood shavings around windows, decks or anything wood, you may have a carpenter ant issue. Sometimes an ant infestation can be heard as they burrow into the wood.

  • 3. Rats and Mice

    These pesky creatures can really make an owner squeal. They are unhealthy to have inside of your home; they can carry diseases. While they crawl around your home, they leave urine and feces all throughout the house.

    Typically, they find areas like kitchen cupboards to burrow into.

    Even worse, rats and mice like to damage insulation and chew on wires. It is a horrifying thought of what could happen if one dies in the attic of your home.

    Professionals of pest control in Kenilworth and around the US can help you solve any rodent infestations.

  • 4. Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs can truly make your skin crawl. Bugs invading your personal space is enough to freak out the toughest men. They can soil bedding, homes and furniture. Bed bugs can suck blood from you; you will notice welts on your body when you wake.

    Though they are not known for carrying debilitating diseases, the frustration alone from regular bites can cause a person to consider moving away from the infested home.

    How To Find Bed Bugs – How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs:

    Bed bugs can be hard to see and identify, as their bites can appear similar to those of other pests. Keep an eye out for red blood stains on chairs and mattresses, as they often get squished and pop with the blood of their hosts.

    They also leave dark spots from their excrement. Be sure to get rid of any bedbug infestations early, as they become much harder to deal with when their colonies grow.

If you suspect an infestation of any kind, contact an extermination company for a comprehensive inspection of your home. These professionals can determine the pest and use appropriate ways to solve the problem. Don’t wait until more damage is done.

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