Home and Marriage Improvement at the Same Time

Home and Marriage Improvement at the Same Time
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    Home Renovation often times be difficult for the family unit, the wives especially.

    Speaking from experience I can say that seeing your husband or significant other working on the house is endearing and simultaneously aggravating.

    The amount of time and money needed for the renovation in question is often under estimated and the expectations are typically high.


There are many ways to ease the transition to a finished project while keeping your loved ones happy. Being aware of the major stressors and enlisting the aid of friends or loved ones are just a few of the ways to ease the stress.

By keeping your wife apprised of the progress, asking for and respecting her input as well as offering to let her help go a long way. Keeping costs down wherever possible and setting aside time each week to work on the project followed by some quality family time are financially and emotionally beneficial to the process and your family will notice.

Financial Stressors

Home renovations are rarely straight forward and often extra expenses occur. In older houses this is especially the case.

To prepare for these eventualities and to save on costs shopping at your local habitat for humanity is a good idea. Often times you can find hardware, fixtures and other supplies at a greatly reduced price.

You can also watch the clearance sections at the home improvement stores. If you are still in the planning phase of the renovation, you can find supplies early and buy them as cheaply as possible.

Showing the initiative and foresight to value shop is always appreciated.

Emotional Stressors

Another aspect of home renovation is the stress of an unusable space, or lack of time with your family. Time management will be key and scheduling a specific time each week and/or day to work on a space is helpful.

There are few scenarios more aggravating then being told that something will be finished in a certain time frame and it isn’t. So be honest and forthcoming with the progress.

If you’ve got family or close friends willing to pitch in, have them help. Much of the emotional stress is due to expectations and as long as there is effective communication, the renovation could actually strengthen your marriage. Your wife may even enjoy working beside you on the project.

In conclusion, home renovations don’t have to be stressful. There is potential for positive growth in your relationships. Asking for assistance from your family as well as communicating with them about what they would like to see when it is done is not only respectful but appreciated.

By working together that renovation could go quickly and smoothly. On behalf of contractors wives everywhere I ask that you share this article. The all too prevalent story of the stressful home renovation doesn’t have to adversely affect a marriage, it can help foster it!

A key to a stress-free remodeling it working with, negotiating, and managing the home remodeling process:

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