Save Your Home from These Common Electrical Problems

Save Your Home from These Common Electrical Problems
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    Did you know that your home gets sick too?

    The sickness at home refers to its maintenance issues.

    Every other home has problems, but electrical issues are common in every home.


Many of you might be struggling with a loose wire somewhere in your house. It is better to call an electrician than to take risks into your own hands.

Here are some common electrical problems listed that every house has.

  • Flickering and dimming lights due to poor connection

    Every home deals with low voltage once in a while and this is not good news for your electrical appliances. The issues in the voltage of your home occur due to poor wiring or connection in the electrical system. It can lead to dimming and flickering lights.

    Low voltage is not suitable for your home and the electrical appliances, as it can result in sparking, overheating, and worse, fire. Once you start having dim lights due to low voltage, it is high time to get your electric connections checked.

  • Frequently burning out of Light Bulbs

    Having frequent burning out of bulbs is not healthy for your home. It means that you might have a loose connection somewhere in the socket or circuit.

    It is highly dangerous because the intense heat of the bulb could melt the socket and insulation on the fixture wires.

    The collision if the wires could generate sparks and could result in dangerous fire accidents.

    Even if you remove or change the bulb, the damage to the socket is still there. Get your sockets checked regularly and fix all the damaged ones.

  • Short circuit due to electrical appliances

    Sometimes when you plug in the hairdryer or another heavy electrical appliance, it can frequently cause short circuits. You can reset the breaker and get it over.

    If your home is experiencing many short circuits regularly, it might be a serious problem. In this case, the wiring needs to be replaced by a professional electrician.

  • Oxidation of Aluminum wires

    Earlier in the 60s and 70s, Aluminum wires were considered to be a suitable replacement for copper, and it was cheaper. The issue with aluminum wires was that it gets oxidized faster than copper wires by building the heat between the wires. The sparks that evoke from the heat might turn into dangerous fire accidents.

    Many professional electricians claim that oxidation of aluminum wires was the cause of many house fires. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety, homes with aluminum wiring are 55 times more likely to suffer drastic fire damage.

electrical inspection toolselectrical code book

      some electrical inspection tools to consider      

  • Hot or warm outlets

    The electrical appliances in your home generate heat while operating. But the outlet itself should not get hot or warm during the operation. Immediately unplug the cords and do not use the outlets until troubleshot, if you notice any hot outlet.

    It is normal for a dimmer switch to get warm since it dissipates excessive electrical energy to create the dimming effect. Even the dimmer switch shouldn’t get extremely hot. In any case, it is advised, check the wattage before installing a dimmer switch.

    Hot and warm outlets might produce a burning smell, which is a clear sign that something is wrong with the connections. If your wires are heating abnormally, attend to it immediately by seeking professional help.

  • Unexplained shocks

    Sometimes you might experience sudden shocks after touching an electrical appliance. It is a clear sign that you could have underground wiring issues. Do not take these shocks lightly and get professional attention as soon as possible.

    You need to make an Electrical Service Call to an electrical expert, who is licensed for the work. This would ensure that you receive a guaranteed service after paying due service charges.

    Faulty wiring in the underground system gets triggered and gives small shocks when an electrical appliance is touched. Such electrical shocks are different from the sparks generated from static electricity and shouldn’t be ignored.

decorative LED bulbsfrosted led bulbs

      some LED bulbs to consider      

  • Every home has a loose outlet

    If you try and plug something into an outlet and it is shaking, it means that it is loose and requires immediate attention. The wires in the loose outlet can be the cause of sparks, leading to a hazardous fire.

    Especially if you have kids who love to roam around the house touching things they are not supposed to, you must check for the loose outlets as soon as possible. It is better to be safe than sorry.

other valuable tips:

If you are not familiar with the house wiring system, do not try to fix it. If you do not have experience in dealing with these common house wiring issues, it is better to leave it to the ones who have. Stay safe and keep your home healthy with regular wiring check-up.

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