Simple Ways To Winterize

Simple Ways To Winterize
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    Winter can do devastating damage to our homes if we don't take precautionary measures.

    Freezing pipes, heavy snow fall on our roof, and ice accumulation is just a few examples that can be costly. The article below provides helpful tips to avoid winter sorrows.


Winterizing Windows

When the cold winds of winter come, one of the places a home loses most of is heat is the windows. Walls and insulation can block out the cold but, there’s only so much the glass in a window can keep out. This is especially the case in older homes where window frames may have shifted preventing them from closing without leaving tiny gaps.

Covering a window with a sheet of plastic can help prevent heat loss. This closes any gaps and creates a pocket of air between the plastic and the glass that helps hold the cold air back. Hardware stores usually have plastic sheets specifically for winterizing windows in stock over the winter months. They’re often applied with adhesive tape and shrink tight when a hair dryer is waved over them.

Protecting From Pipe Burst


Water expansion in spigots and pipes that lead outdoors caused by freezing can easily break spigots and burst pipes causing water damage. This can lead to some serious water damage if not caught right away.

Prevention of this kind of unfortunate occurrence is easy. Often, a pipe leading to an outside spigot will a have a shut off valve in the form of a turn valve or handle. Using the shut off valve to turn off water to the outside and draining present water through the spigot before winter months will negate the threat of expansion.


Winter brings with it oxidation. Oxidation or rust occurs most often with moisture and salt. Salt, which is often present in the air due to road winterizing or proximity to the ocean, acts as an accelerant to rusting. Outdoor water fixtures, garage door track, and even the undersides of automobiles can experience rusting over winter months.

If you ever had a hard time turning on the outdoor water spigot in the early spring then, there may be some seizing due to temperature or rusting on the threads. Applying Cosmoline to the threads of the turn valve will keep it lubricated and protect it from rust. Cosmoline may also be used on garage door tracks and on the frame of automobiles to guard against winter rusting.

Guarding Against Gutter and Roof Damage


Roof gutters should be checked before winter to make sure they are draining properly. Clogged gutters may collect water from rains or melting snow and then freeze later. Ice in gutters can be very dangerous. Aside from water from melted snow piling on top of ice and flowing over the roof gutters to refreeze as icicles, ice in gutters can also become very heavy. Ice can weigh quite a bit if allowed to collect.

Some other key topics in winter preparedness and precautionary measures:

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Falling ice is dangerous enough but, frozen gutters can be very heavy and very dangerous as well, should they break loose from the building. They may even take part of the roof with them. With the hazards iced over gutters may present to both people and your home, it is best to be sure your gutters are clean and draining properly.

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