Winter Surprise: How to Handle the Worst Home Repairs This Season

Winter Surprise: How to Handle the Worst Home Repairs This Season
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    Winter can be a beautiful time of the year. While you cook up hot coco, play with the kids in the snow, and enjoy cozy evenings snuggled on the couch ...,

    ... you might not prepare for the worst home repairs that come after winter storms.


Though, there are some tips you can follow in order to handle some of the worst home repairs easily. This year stay on top of things by preparing and anticipating the worst winter surprises.

Frozen Pipes

One of the most common causes of winter problems in homes is burst pipes. A burst pipe usually occurs as a result of sitting water that gets to a freezing point within the pipe. As the water expands, it has no place to go, and the pipe or multiple pipes burst. After the frozen water has turned back to liquid, water can seep into the cracked pipes and cause even more damage. If you notice unusual water damage around floors and ceilings it may be a sign of a burst pipe. One of the first priorities is to shut off the water. After the water has been turned off, it can help to call a plumber and get a professional opinion. In order to prevent such a problem from happening, homeowners can have a slow stream of water running through pipes on particularly cold nights. The running water can prevent the sitting water from turning into ice and damaging pipes. You might also consider wrapping particularly exposes pipes before the next big freeze.

Unexpected Visitors

During the transition from fall to winter, people bring in patio furniture and other items into the home. And pests like mice will try to come indoors as well, in order to find protection from the cold. You may be quite surprised when you come across an unexpected visitor making a nest in a closet or garage. ICE Pest Control and Wildlife Removal say checking furniture and other similar items before bringing them indoors can be helpful. There are specific packets that, when placed next to a door, can produce foul odors that can deter mice from going inside. While an exterminator can produce solid results, there are specific traps that can catch or kill mice. A wildlife control company in Toronto says to keep in mind that traps can be inexpensive, and as you continue to keep the area clear of food and hiding places you should be rid of these pests in no time.

Cracking Up

The cold and snow of winter will cause damage all over the place if you’re not careful. Cracked driveways, loose shingles, and damaged exterior home parts are all part of spring repairs. Do your part before winter hits by clearing away gutters, salting your drive and walkways, and mopping up water and melting snow where it can do damage to your home. When you’re vigilant about keeping the cold and wet out, your home will thank you later.

Although surprises do happen during the cold months of winter, you can stay prepared. Planning can do wonders if a surprise winter problem should occur. Make sure you and your home are ready to withstand the worst.



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