5 Winter Home Improvement Projects for DIYers

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects for DIYers
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    Winter is around the corner and most are expected to become busy shopping and spending time at malls.

    The season also offers a great opportunity to do some home improvement projects and help add spice to any home.


Gatherings, parties, and reunions are most likely to happen during the holiday season. That alone gives anyone the appropriate reason to try and improve certain areas of their home. That could be the living room, dining room or even the den. Here are some DIY projects people can do during in the winter.

Repainting Walls to Set the Mood

Considering it is winter, painting may be the last thing folks would consider. However, painting is actually a great winter time project. With the weather not being as hot outside, it is usually a little more comfortable to paint during the winter with the weather being colder. Thanks to fast-drying paint, repainting walls on select rooms can be done without worry. Adding new shades and themes should be perfect for the holiday season.

For those who need a more professional touch, there are companies like the APC Services of New England ready to help out at any time.

Checking Pipes for Leaks

Depending on how long a house has been up, faucets and pipes are expected to suffer from wear and tear. With plenty of them around homes, checking out the ones with water dripping would be a good idea. Some may need minor fixes. This could be simple tasks like tightening screws or doing minor replacements. These are things which can be resolved with a wrench and some thread seal tape.

Check Your Roof for Leaks

Speaking of leaks, another part of any home that needs to be checked would be the roof. With the change in weather, it would be best to make sure if any part of the roofing would need patching up. The best way is to clear gutters of obstructions (i.e., leaves) and try to spot entry points. If the problem is major, it would be best left to the professionals.

Double Check Weather Strips of Your Doors and Windows

With cold weather ahead, making sure that heat is trapped inside the home is important. The more heat you can trap in your home during the winter months, the more energy efficient your home will be. This is will allow your furnace to not work so hard as the warm air will not so easily escape your home. Maintaining that could be improved if the proper weather-stripping is present. Double check and make sure to seal the heat in when the cold weather sinks in.

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Declutter and Organize for Space

The winter season is also the best time to organize your home. With gifts and new home items likely to come, creating space through disposing clutter and useless items is sensible. Best of all, homeowners don’t have to spend a dime on this simple DIY.

Most see the winter as a break and welcome the holidays. With most expected to be busy decorating and making their homes look good, DIY projects should help make any house homier.

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