5 Home Add-ons for Your Home This Winter

5 Home Add-ons for Your Home This Winter
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    As the weather turns colder, you might be starting to realize that a jacket and some gloves aren't going to be enough to keep you and your family warm.


At the same time, you don’t have to stay bundled up on the couch in front of a space heater all winter long, either. With a few smart add-ons, you can make your home a warm, comfortable space that shelters you from the bitter cold outside all season long.

A Fire Pit

It seems that fire pits are often more en vogue in the summer and fall months, when you gather with family and friends in the backyard to roast a few marshmallows and laugh the evening away.

Why not take advantage of their inherent heat-producing capability though, and keep enjoying your backyard, even as winter sets in? If you make sure to bundle up before you head out, you’ll be nice and warm by the fire, and you’ll get to enjoy some fresh air at the same time.

A Non-traditional Fireplace

Of course, if you have a fireplace in your home, you could enjoy the warmth and beauty of your fire pit without ever leaving your couch. If you don’t have a built-in fireplace, though, you can still enjoy fire-like warmth without going to the extravagant expense of having a fireplace added to your home. Newer electric fireplaces offer realistic flame visuals, while offering instantly-adjustable levels of heat. The one drawback of having a fireplace, having to find and haul wood, is totally eliminated by adding one of these clever devices to your home.

A Little Soak

There’s nothing like having a swimming pool in your backyard. That is, until you have to stare at it sadly after it’s drained and covered for the winter. You can still enjoy a relaxing soak while also keeping warm, though, by installing adding a hot tub to your home.

If you can stand that quick run from the hot tub to your house, the therapeutic relaxation and muscle-warming satisfaction that you get will be well worth it. As you consider which hot tub to purchase, finding sites with legitimate and helpful hot tub reviews is critical to making a wise investment. Asking friends who’ve had success with their hot tubs is a great place to start, too.

Toasty Toes

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While there are plenty of medical reasons for why you might always be cold, if none of those apply to you, you can still have cold feet, and cold feet can make you miserable. Ditch the thick, musty socks this winter, and instead consider adding radiant heating to floors throughout your home.

Whether you have hardwood or tile, radiant heating can take even the coldest floor and make it a pleasure to walk on. Plus, it can help lower your heating bill, as the radiant heat rises to heat the entire room, lessening the load on your furnace.

An Exercise Room

This one might not seem like it fits with the other options you have available to add to your home this winter, but think about it: what better way to heat your home than not to have to heat it at all, because you’re working up a sweat all by yourself. Besides staying warm, you get to enjoy all the other physical benefits of regular and consistent exercise, including losing weight, having more energy, and even having better circulation, which can also keep you warmer when the mercury drops. Plus, time spent exercising is less time spent gazing out the window and longing for spring. Get your body ready for spring in the winter by getting your workout on.

So Worth It

One of the problems of having a cold house is that it seems to isolate everyone. Sure, you may all be huddled under a blanket together, but you get that “shiver silence,” where no one seems to want to talk, for fear of losing any extra body heat. When you have a warm home, and lots of fun ways to stay warm, your family will come out of their shell more, and the long, gray, dreary winter won’t seem so bad, after all.

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