Home Security: Six Things Homeowners Often Overlook

Home Security: Six Things Homeowners Often Overlook
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    Investments in home security rise in linear portion with the crime rate.

    It is the reason people install alarm systems and cameras. This relatively new technology is efficient, but it is the simple safety measures that will often go unnoticed.


Below are six things homeowners most often overlook when considering home security.

Doors And Other Entryways

One thing overlooked is yearly inspections of the locking mechanism on doorways. Locks can become so worn out that a simple passkey can be used to turn the lock. Moreover, the original locks are probably contractor grade. Therefore, when thinking about home security, it is a good idea to upgrade them.

Garage Doors

Everyone forgets the garage door, but it is often used to gain access to many valuable items. Our tools, lawn equipment, and other expensive items are typically secured using only the automatic garage door. However, thieves have become very sophisticated. They can find the codes to open your garage door. That is the reason homeowners should install a redundant garage door lock.

Swinging Gates

The best home security is to prevent access in the first place. One area frequently overlooked are gates. Properly secured gates can keep people from gaining access to your yard. Perimeter Security Systems has a variety of options to choose from.


Poor locking mechanisms on your windows can be another source of entry. It is easy to overlook locking your Windows because curtains cover them. Plus, factory locking mechanisms are not always the best. Window casements are another area where it is wise to install redundant locks. There are many types available at your local big box home improvement store.

The Mailbox

Identity theft is already a big problem these days. One way a thief gains access to your personal information is by stealing your mail. It is an area of the home that people seldom think about because the box is usually on the street. Adding a lock to your existing mailbox is among the best ways to keep your personal information safe.

The Driveway

Personal safety begins when you walk out your front door. Therefore, always have good visual access to your surroundings. Overgrown shrubbery is an often overlooked security risk. Keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed will prevent criminals from hiding around your home.

Remembering these six suggestions can go a long way toward improving home security. They should become part of your regular home security audit.



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