Six Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Increase Safety And Security

Six Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Increase Safety And Security
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    In the US, there are over thousands house break- ins reported every year.

    Ensuring that your house is secure is and it isn't among the statistics of broken in houses, is thus very important.


This will involve taking measures to increase security and safety and also securing your household and all the things within it. There are various changes that you can apply to curb any house break ins. Some of the measures can be put in place without the risk of exhausting your resources, and they can include ;

Checking the Home Detectors

It important to ensure that your property is installed with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors .Moreover, you have to check these devices regularly to ascertain that they are actually powered on or even if they are working. The fact that they are meant to alert you in case of a dangerous situation, is very helpful since you will have more time to evacuate before even the danger occurs,saving lives in the process. These devices should be maintained and if they tend to "act strangely " then it is important to have them looked at. If the carbon monoxide detector, for example , happens to beep consistently for some days, then it is advisable to find a professional who can have it checked. If one gets exposed to carbon monoxide for long periods, then it may turn out to be fatal for him or her.

Install Monitoring Devices

Sellers of small and stealthy cameras are selling them at affordable prices so that can they be installed for household use. If your home has an effective security system, then the chances of the occurrence of any burglary is greatly reduced. If you install monitoring devices, then your home is less likely to be a target for thieves. If you want an effective security system, then  you have to install a security system which can respond quickly in case of a dangerous situation. Response time is a very important factor which has a great influence one one’s safety once under danger. Video surveillance are provided by many alarm companies and it is a very important tool used in protecting your home.

Give Neighbors the Heads Up

It is also advisable to make your neighbour know of your absence incase you are to be out of town for some days and there will be no one left behind in your house. Making your house look occupied while you are away will greatly help in securing it. Many thieves find it harder breaking into occupied houses than unoccupied houses.  Have your neighbour pick your newspaper or even mail. This will kind of, act as a ‘deterrent’ for the thieves since they will feel that the house is still occupied. However, you should be aware of the kind of neighbour you telling . Telling a neighbour you don’t know of, is just the same as telling a stranger .

Don’t Display Your Wealth

It is part of being a human , that we often tend to display our wealth as part of being proud of our achievements. However, displaying your wealth for the whole world to see makes you a primary target for break- ins . Avoid displaying expensive and new piece of furniture near the windows . You should also not show off expensive jewellery if you do not want to attract any burglars. It is advisable to use dark coloured drapes to limit the outside world from viewing your house easily.

Keep Private Information Private

With technological advancement,  there has been the development of social media . Many people tend to post their lifestyle and daily routine in the social media. This makes you and your household a very easy target for criminals .

Manage the Home Locks

The installation of lock systems is the simplest and cheapest way to increase security and safety of your house . If they become old and rusty, they should be replaced as soon as possible. This is because old and rusty locks can be easily broken down. Find yourself robust locks if you want to boost your home security. You should make sure that you check the windows and doors before going to sleep.

Keeping your home and the occupants safe is far much "inexpensive" than installing security systems. This is a very important part of home ownership .

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