Factors to Consider Before Buying LED Downlight

Factors to Consider Before Buying LED Downlight
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    LED or light emitting diode technology is being widely used in lighting equipment all over the world.

    LED has many advantages over conventional lighting such as high energy efficiency leading to lower energy costs and long-life span.


LED downlights are recessed lights which are embedded in the ceiling. LED downlights are suitable for use in a range of places such as homes, offices, shops and other commercial establishments.

With the LED down-lights, you can increase the visual appearance of the rooms and you can also decrease your home utility bills. These lights can save up to seventy percentages of your total electric consumption bills.

How would you choose the LED down-lights?  

LED downlights have multiple uses such as lighting for rooms and corridors, decorative lighting for enhancing home décor, conference room ceilings in offices and much more. These are some of the factors that must be remembered prior to choosing a suitable LED downlight.

Light intensity

The intensity of the light is directly proportional to the value of Lumen which means that higher the value of Lumen more is the light intensity. The light intensity specifications are measured in Lux. Thus, you need to know about the magnitude of light intensity required for various areas in general.

For example, LED downlights of 40 lux are suitable for corridors and walkways, 320-400 lux for offices and homes, 160 for entrance halls, etc. You must determine the light intensity that would be required for your purpose.


Power is measured in watts. The wattage of the LED downlight can be used to calculate its energy efficiency by determining the value of lumen per watt. An LED downlight utilizes much less wattage to provide the same lumens of light as a conventional incandescent bulb or halogen downlight.

For example, a halogen downlight using 55 watts has the same light intensity as a 4.5-14 watts LED downlight. Thus, LED downlights are much more energy efficient than other kinds of downlights.

Angle of the beam for LED down-lights:

  • Beam angle determines how far the light is spread from the light source over an area. The beam angle required to suit your purpose depends upon the area for which you are purchasing the LED downlight.
  • Beam angle of 60 degrees or less is considered appropriate for lighting offices and rooms where the concentration of light needs to be high. 90 degrees beam angle is recommended for corridors for a good distribution of light in the entire corridor and walls.
  • If you want the LED downlight for accent lighting, then you should go for one with a narrow beam for concentrated lighting. The beam angle for accent lighting can be determined by the distance between the object and downlight and the size of the object. 

How to install LED down-lights?

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The LED downlights must be fixed evenly to avoid dark spots and shadows in the room. The required spacing is determined on the basis of the magnitude of light intensity measured in lux required to light up the surface.

Thereafter, the number of downlights essential to achieve that magnitude of lux is calculated by taking into the account the beam angle of the LED downlights and the area.

Different types of LED down-lights:

  • Gimbal

    Gimbal LED downlights can be adjusted to direct the light beam towards particular areas and surfaces.

  • Fixed

    Fixed LED downlights have a fixed direction of the light beam which cannot be altered at any time.

  • Eyeball

    This kind of LED downlights allows greater adjustments of the light beam as compared to Gimbal. The bulb is eyeball shaped.

So now you can choose the LED down-lights according to your needs and you can also purchase the same from online portals.

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